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  1. Thanks. I see a lot of them are still loaded even though I have not open them for more than 2 hours. It should auto unload if it's not touched in 2 hours right? It doesn't seem to do so.
  2. I used to use Great Suspender but now it's removed becos it is blocked due to malicious , but it seems chrome don't need it anymore. https://gsuitetips.com/tips/chrome/suspend-tabs-in-chrome-without-the-great-suspender/ https://www.ghacks.net/2021/01/26/which-browser-has-the-best-tab-snoozing-sleeping-freezing-implementation/ https://pureinfotech.com/enable-sleeping-tabs-microsoft-edge/#:~:text=Enable Sleeping Tabs on Microsoft Edge,-To enable sleeping&text=Click the Settings and more,with sleeping tabs toggle switch.
  3. What do you mean by my customized settings?
  4. I have 20 windows, each one has more than 10 tabs. Many of the windows are not opened in a long time. This is Edge on same machine, 200 tabs , 15 windows, most not touched in a long time.
  5. On another machine where I have 200 tabs with Edge, it uses 400MB only.
  6. Thanks, I only see Tab Groups Collapse Freezing. In chrome, it's not not just tab groups. It will suspend the tabs (in same or other windows) when it its not opened after a while.
  7. Hi, Chrome has Tab Freeze feature by default now, to suspend inactive tabs in background so they don't take memory. Maxthon still takes up lot of memory with background tabs (I have 200+ tabs).