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  1. For example https://www.twilio.com/login - here email is entered in one screen, password on next one. But email is not filled automatically despite I have saved email/password. MX5 can fill it. https://app.mouseflow.com/sign-in - same thing This one https://app.orgmeter.com/login - contains 3 fields, all required, but auto-fill works only for Username and Password, but not Company. https://www.masterpass.com.ua/Login.aspx? - in MX5 auto fill phone/password works, in MX6 does not. Save form / Fill form in MX5 has also stored/read values in Passkeeper. Isn't it? But it stored more fields (e.g. all 3 - username, password, company). Also, Magic Fill in MX5 allowed to not fill passwords automatically ("Manual" option). It was convenient and more secure.
  2. Hi there, May I expect (when approximately?) the Save form / Fill form functionality? Passwords manager is not so good as in MX5. A lot of sites are not able to auto-fill my passwords.