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  1. ScreenCapture continues to works fine over maxthon window, but very laggy on any other window. Can't post a screen capture to show this.....but the effect is like wining windows solitaire....
  2. In this beta, I notice a lot of lag when using screenCapture. - Almost 2 secs before activate - If capure is over MX screen, works fine. But over any other windows, I see a 'cascade effecte', like winning solitaire game........
  3. Same to me. Go bak to previus beta, and still broken. Any help?
  4. Issue fixed! As usual, using the old programmers trick..... Just rebooted the computer, and next setup works fine.
  5. There is no much to show... - double click on the mx6.0.0.2200_beta.exe - 2 seconds of modified mouse pointer icon (from arrow to 'waiting arrow') - done No error message, nothing happens. The reported registry key was while I was looking to delete some traces from previus failed install
  6. Team, Trying to install this new versions, and installer didn't work. Looking around, I found on the registry this value, that keeps being actualized on any failed setup HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Maxthon InstallerResultUIString = Another operation on Maxthon is in progress. Please try again later. Any idea how to remove a failed install, and start again? I don't want to uninstall working version (Maxtnon
  7. I've added some snapshots, and then, the infobox became inusable. When I try to access some of the content, the app freezes and I need to close window. Now, I've lost access to my notes...... Some idea?
  8. a. In this page, password field fills automatically, but username doesn't. I think you can try, even with fake users. https://www.invertironline.com/User/Login?currentUrl=%2FMiCuenta%2FMiPortafolio b. I try with a clean install, and CTRL-F1 problem was fixed. Thanks! c. Find problem is intermitent. I'll try to get some dump log next time.
  9. Some issues I continue findind on 4.9 track: - magic fill only fills some of the entries, but not all - Snap can't be associated to CTRL-F1 (or just CTRL-F1 shortcut not working) - Find in page Freezes almost every time I try to use (and need to kill maxthon from task manager) On the other hand, PLEASE! go back to some key features: - split screen - developer tools on both retro and ultra mode Also I miss more frequent updates, where some minor bugs were corrected very fast. Is Maxthon still a live project? I see more focus on "search de maxth