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  1. "The desktop icon of Maxthon browser is abnormal" This message is appearing on my Windows XP computer where I have the shortcut in my Quick Launch bar and it works just fine. But that message keeps appearing every so often and it is annoying. Is there a way to permanently turn it off (not just "Later") ?
  2. It now works again for me as well on For a few days it was not working. Go figure.
  3. Can anyone check if they can open in ? I'm still using because I didn't want to upgrade after reading the comments above, but recently that website stopped opening in my Maxthon so I'm wondering if only my MX version is affected or the latest official one as well. For me it opens with a blank (white) page. Thanks.
  4. I can confirm that digital certificates work again in the current official / final "install version" After 5 months I can finally upgrade Maxthon again. It's funny though ... nothing is mentioned in release notes / changelog. Thanks for actually pursuing this and fixing it. I admit I did not expect it after such a long time.
  5. beta is still broken. It tries to "see" the certificates but it can't find them. The error message "No certificate available" is displayed. I don't unserstand how it's possible that they broke this feature and now they don't know how to fix it. Maxthon worked with certificates for years, and now all of a sudden there are unfixable problems ? How ? Why ?
  6. So, any news ? Has this issue with certificates been fixed yet ?
  7. Wow, with everything that was said in this topic, it's unbeliveable to see that they actually don't seem to even know what digital certificates are, how they work, or what the problem is. Don't they have certificates in China? This is incredible! And it's really weird that nobody else complains here about it. Don't people use certificates? Or maybe they use old MX 5.1.x.xxxx versions. I'm forced to use and when this gets outdated I'll be FORCED to stop using Maxthon. I never thought this is how I will leave this browser. BugSir006, to ask somebody for his certificate is the sam
  8. Like I wrote in one of my previous posts, you can't just "test" this problem on some random site. I can give you a link to my online bank, but since you don't have a certificate for it, you will always see the error page, in all browsers: I do have a certificate for this online bank so when I visit this page, Maxthon should display a certificate window or it should take me to the log-in page. But it doesn't. It shows me the error page, exactly like you see it. You can only test this problem yourself if you have your own digita
  9. This is still not fixed in ? Terrible. But it's exactly like I said in my last post on April 18th! They will not fix this. So this browser is basically dead. It cannot be used anymore for on-line banking or any other websites which require digital certificates. All versions after are useless.
  10. People just don't get it, even when you write it down to them black on white. That's why it's so hard to get a bug report across! The problem is not with loading the pages themselves. The problem is with logging-in with certificates, or more precisely .... with Maxthon 5.2.x.x not seeing the certificates on your PC. When you try to log-in to those specific sites which require a certificate, you will get an error, because Maxthon will not see the certificate on your PC and will not present it to the website. The website will therefore show you an error message, claiming that you don't have
  11. still does not work with certificates in Ultra Mode! And the focus problem is also still present (it keeps getting focus when working with other programs). Going back to for the third time. And I have a feeling these bugs will never be fixed (at least the focus one, since nobody confirms it, even though it's clear as day, and not present in older 5.1.x.x versions).
  12. I think the problem is that Maxthon somehow does not see the certificate I have on my PC (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit). And this started happening immediately after I updated Maxthon to When I try to visit one website which requires a certificate identification, I get the error "Invalid Certificate". Another website is apparently more "intelligent" and it tells me what no certificate was found on PC. So it looks like Maxthon does not detect certificates on my PC. That "Windows Security" - "Select a Certificate" popup window does not appear, and so I can't select the certifi
  13. Yesterday I got a notification from Maxthon that a new version is available ( so I updated the browser and restarted it. Since then I am having problems visiting the websites which require my digital certificate to log in, such as my on-line bank. When I visit the website, it tells me that no certificate was found on my computer and I can't log in. So what happened in the upgrade? Why doesn't Maxthon see my certificate anymore? Or maybe it does "see" it but it doesn't present it to the website correctly? On my bank website I can see the green padlock icon on the left side of th
  14. I have upgraded Flash Player ( on my Windows XP 32-bit PC and copied the file pepflashplayer32_23_0_0_207.dll to Maxthon\Core\Blink\plugins\pepflashplayer.dll as I usually do. The problem is that now my Maxthon says "Could not load plug-in." when I go to "". I had to revert back to old DLL version which still works in Maxthon on my WinXP PC. So, does anyone have any definitive information about this? Will Maxthon 4.9 support new Flash plugins on Windows XP ?
  15. I can confirm this issue. I have had it myself as well in, but it is not constant. Sometimes opening Google Maps and dragging & zooming the map around works really really slow, like 1 frame per second, as if CPU is at 100% (but it's not). Then a few moments (sessions?) later it becomes smooth again, etc. It is not an issue of busy CPU or anything like that, but I haven't been able to determine what exactly is causing this. By the way, some options / functions were removed in Maxthon 4.9.x branch, like split-view and probably GPU acceleration, that's why you can't find