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  1. Uhh, that's quite a lot of work / clicking isn't it? For example if you have 10-20 file links which you want to check, you have to first right-click, copy link address, click on download manager and then click Open ... for each of them. Compared to 2 clicks per file in Maxthon 5, this is really bad. I guess that's one of the drawbacks of switching to Chromium as you can't (?) change the download prompt it uses.
  2. Download manager still doesn't allow you to open a file without downloading it. When you click on a file link, a standard Windows file prompt window opens instead of a custom one like in Maxthon 5 which had the "Open" option available. Example: https://filesamples.com/formats/txt
  3. I want to add a comment which may apply to the opening tabs in background / foreground issues. Although I have left MX6 due to too many bugs and have reverted to MX5, there was a similar issue with TABs opening in the background. In my case, when I clicked on a link which was designed to open in a new tab, that tab opened in the background (Maxthon didn't switch to it immediately, I had to click on it). I wanted it to be switched to / focused / displayed immediately when I clicked on the link, even if it opened in a new tab. I distinctly remember that this worked correctly before, bu
  4. I couldn't stand all the bugs anymore. I uninstalled Maxthon 6 and went back to Maxthon 5. I'm happy again. :-)
  5. Damn this mouse gesture bug (hold right mouse button + left click for "close tab") is totally killing me! It keeps triggering the "back" action on the tab that gets selected after the last tab closes. I did report this bug but no fix yet. This is the core of my browsing habits and it's one thing that might actually drive me back to Maxthon 5. I'll probably revert to MX5 if the next beta update doesn't fix it. It's really disappointing cause I got to love MX6 more than any other version before but I just can't work with this issue cause it's really impacting my workflow constantly. 😭 And a
  6. SUGGESTION: Add TAB dragging animation. When you grab a TAB and drag it left or right, there is no animation like there is in Chrome or in old MX5 so it looks unnatural.
  7. Can you maybe come up with an alternative icon design for Night Mode ? It looks like a "Star and crescent" symbol of Islam (flag of Turkey, Algeria, Pakistan, ...)! There must be a better / neutral symbol you can use! If you just remove the star and leave only the crescent moon, it would already be better.
  8. I liked the status bar as well. The split view and global mute in status bar were two features I constantly used myself. Having to go into the menu in the upper right to manipulate zoom is really annoying.
  9. Resource sniffer name / tooltip is in Chinese. English would be nicer.
  10. I have upgraded Flash Player ( on my Windows XP 32-bit PC and copied the file pepflashplayer32_23_0_0_207.dll to Maxthon\Core\Blink\plugins\pepflashplayer.dll as I usually do. The problem is that now my Maxthon says "Could not load plug-in." when I go to "http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/". I had to revert back to old DLL version which still works in Maxthon on my WinXP PC. So, does anyone have any definitive information about this? Will Maxthon 4.9 support new Flash plugins on Windows XP ?
  11. I can confirm this issue. I have had it myself as well in, but it is not constant. Sometimes opening Google Maps and dragging & zooming the map around works really really slow, like 1 frame per second, as if CPU is at 100% (but it's not). Then a few moments (sessions?) later it becomes smooth again, etc. It is not an issue of busy CPU or anything like that, but I haven't been able to determine what exactly is causing this. By the way, some options / functions were removed in Maxthon 4.9.x branch, like split-view and probably GPU acceleration, that's why you can't find
  12. OK, I think I have found out what is causing the problem. On Windows 7 you can personalize your computer / desktop with different "Themes". There are "Aero themes" and "Basic and High Contrast Themes" available in Control Panel -> Personalization. I personally use "Windows Classic" theme which is a part of "Basic and High Contrast Themes". In this theme (and other "Basic and High Contrast Themes") Maxthon does NOT work good in full-screen video playback. But if I select any theme from "Aero Themes", then MX will work OK in full-screen video playback.
  13. It looks like the newest Maxthon kind of doesn't "lock-in" the full-screen mode. When you go to full-screen mode in YouTube, the taskbar is still visible. So it seems like Maxthon doesn't enter full-screen mode properly and that is why it doesn't play smoothly. I have uninstalled MX and installed the old MX and that version works good in full-screen. So there is definitely a bug with this in the current version. Maybe this bug only appears on some computers (in my case on 2 different Windows 7 computers) but the fact is, it is a bug. I just
  14. OK, it seems I finally figured it out by myself. I used to download and install the newest Maxthon version from the homepage which was a 1.5 MB file called "mxsetup.exe". I figured that was just an "on-line" type of an installer. That one ignored the custom install path. Then I downloaded the full 45 MB installation package "mx4.9.3.1000.exe" and this one worked correctly. It installed in the custom install folder and the installer itself also had a different logo picture. Damn, what a hassle. They should remove that buggy on-line installer from the main website. Sigh.
  15. Can some developer test this ? I am now having this problem on yet another separate PC (this time Windows 7). Maxthon will always install into "C:\Program Files\Maxthon\" even if I specify a different destination folder while installing the program. It's extremely annoying! Any solution for this ???