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  1. I've using the 'extend' display, with this setting on taskbar
  2. Team, any update on this bug? Still present an Version6.1.2.3100(64-bit)0930...
  3. Hi! Thanks for your reply. Run the test, still same problem CAptured full screen on monitor 1
  4. Yes. See attached. I start grabing with ctrl=F1, default shurtcut. Mathon.mp4
  5. Yes. I just update to latest beta and the issue is also there. This is my screen captured with other tool, after I start clipping: This is what remains on my sccreen where start clip Also, this part goes to second monitor:
  6. Some old issue come back. Again, the screenCapture resizes the screen while capturing somethig. Perhaps dual monitor configuration -with different resolution- is the cause? Any way this was a problem for several release, an was fixed last two or three versions. Now is present again
  7. I've added some snapshots, and then, the infobox became inusable. When I try to access some of the content, the app freezes and I need to close window. Now, I've lost access to my notes...... Some idea?
  8. a. In this page, password field fills automatically, but username doesn't. I think you can try, even with fake users. https://www.invertironline.com/User/Login?currentUrl=%2FMiCuenta%2FMiPortafolio b. I try with a clean install, and CTRL-F1 problem was fixed. Thanks! c. Find problem is intermitent. I'll try to get some dump log next time.
  9. Some issues I continue findind on 4.9 track: - magic fill only fills some of the entries, but not all - Snap can't be associated to CTRL-F1 (or just CTRL-F1 shortcut not working) - Find in page Freezes almost every time I try to use (and need to kill maxthon from task manager) On the other hand, PLEASE! go back to some key features: - split screen - developer tools on both retro and ultra mode Also I miss more frequent updates, where some minor bugs were corrected very fast. Is Maxthon still a live project? I see more focus on "search de maxthon pet name", or "greetins for all these years ", than in paid atention to users requests.......