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  1. to say the least, what an inelegant way to do : not even a private message to let us know that we would be downgraded. I should have taken this decision by myself, having not enough time left to moderate this place ( although there's not much to moderate now)
  2. you're probably right despite a small detail which puzzles me : lastpass on Edge works fine.....
  3. clever, and it works, although it's just a workaround and not a fix
  4. that 's exactly what I tried : both double click and right-click did not work (although it works fine with impots.gouv) with double click : the result is : wathever choice I make, magic fill fills the field with my family name instead of my email addresss.
  5. here is my webmail http://www.laposte.net/accueil a couple of days ago, they have introduced a 2 step identification, which passkeeper fails to complete. When I try to right click "fill the form", the first field is not recognized as an email address, it fills the box with my family name instead. When I try with edge and lastpass, it works fine
  6. I don't think so... Let's say the truth : My biggest concern was the future of maxthon in Jeff's mind. It seems Jeff didn't give up, this is good news to me, because I had reached a point of discouragement which made me look for another browser . Maxthon is not the most popular browser in the world, developers team is probably not very big so progress is slower than we wish. But I'm not sure other browsers communicate with users more than maxthon team does, the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. in the end, it's still the browser I use because I couldn't find another one that suits me. Of course I would like to get back some more Mx2 or Mx3 had, for example it should be skinnable in a easier way than it is now ; I used to send links by sms unfortunately it's no longer available , and a few more things.. But generally speaking, it's a good browser, although devs are in a hurry to post buggy updates without enough testing, and as a result thre are some compatibility issues and it crashes more often than it did in the past, this is the main issue IMO. I'm glad to believe that maxthon still has a future. Thank you Jeff for letting us know you are still here. Communication has never been maxthon best skill; hopefully it will improve.
  7. when even old time users are about to give up, then it's time to worry about the future of maxthon
  8. hopefuly ! question is : why did you publish buggy hardly usuable versions without any test ?
  9. I have merged all related threads access to secure sites routers banks online purchase etc don't work this is a major bug which should be fixed very soon, hopefuly....
  10. -ody-

    Arowana skin

    realy nice skin ! thank you still waiting for an easier way to appli skins !!!!