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  1. realy nice skin ! thank you still waiting for an easier way to appli skins !!!!
  2. "telling the world" may be a bit too much considering the number of members of the related sections, and if words matter, empty or dead sections do not provide a positive message either. there are no longer moderators in these sections, language barrier is a concern when people complain about another member's behaviour and we have only google translate to try to understand what is going on ; this is another point of our decision
  3. thank you for your tips.. I may try 1 and 2 since "hide left column" is not ticked !
  4. and test version 1400
  5. FB purity does no longer work fine with the latest version of maxthon : the display is wrong : left column is truncated.
  6. love it, but may I ask you something more ? it would be nice if I could resize it to the right so that I can see all the top icons without the need of a navbar
  7. a better fav manager and favs in sidebar will be back in a next release (no date)... be patient and stay tuned !
  8. you will probably never get this email about VIP priviliges : depending on the way you use infobox : I used 650 bytes last month (free maxthon allows 1 Go per month)
  9. in 4.9 this feature has been removed, it only exists in 4.4...