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  1. Language file updated against to chinese strings. Please use the new updated file for the new version.
  2. Thank you. Much appreciated. Last question for this one: <string name="news_bubble_update">小傲为您更新了%d条最新资讯哦</string> : Latest updates This has a variable "%d", so should it be "%d latest updates" ?
  3. Updated for latest version. Initial language file had not been applied to the Maxthon for iOS. App is still in english. Please update the next version with latest language file.
  4. Android language file was updated according to the latest language file. Please apply to the next version. I tried to translate chinese parts. I will compare and fix strings when english translations were came
  5. No problem. Thanks again. There are some strings in that file which they are Chinese. Could you post here the English translations? <string name="search_assign_item_hot">热搜</string> <string name="search_assign_item_book">小说</string> <string name="search_assign_item_video">视频</string> <string name="search_assign_item_arround">附近</string> <string name="search_assign_item_shopping">购物</string> <string name="search_assign_item_public_number">公众号</string> <string name="news_bubble_update">小傲为您更新了%d条最新资讯哦</string> <string name="pref_appearance">外观设置</string> <string name="pref_key_ask_translate_language_title">翻译成该语言</string> <string name="pref_key_ask_translate_auto_title">自动翻译</string> <string name="pref_key_notask_translate_title">不在询问是否翻译</string> <string name="account_device_manager">设备管理</string>
  6. Thank you @BugSir009 But Android file is Chinese. Could you post english one?
  7. Hi, Please could you post the latest language file of Maxthon for Android and Maxthon for iOS versions?
  8. Hi Bugsir009, At the end. That's it. I did not know this kind of page exist. We can spend golds before the expiration and extend the subscriptions for many years. Thanks
  9. I'm sorry to hear these. What a pitty. All efforts and trouble will be in vain. I will not use any maxthon subscription after 2024-04-01. Good luck to Maxthon.
  10. Why need to expire? What happened if they stay? Can't you exclude translators from this rule? How? 450580 gold will be expired!!!! It is always renewed.
  11. Hi, In my account page, assets tab shows me, my golds will be expired on 2024-04-01. What is happening, why my golds will be expired? Please fix expiration situation. I do not want to lose them. I spent many hours to collect as a score with browser in many years and then converted to golds. If so why we bother to collect these? If so please give me some produts to spend the golds.
  12. Language file updated. New and removed strings were added
  13. Hello @BugSir009 Android topic is archived now. Could you fix it?
  14. [PC] and [iOS] Turkish translation topics are archived and closed to further replies 😮. What do you think? 😁
  15. 3000 Golds sent for: [iOS] Turkish translation for Maxthon [Android] Turkish translation for Maxthon [PC] Turkish translation for Maxthon 5000 Golds need to be sent for: [PC] Turkish translation for Maxthon (wrote sent but not recieved) [PC] Turkish translation for Maxthon [PC] Turkish translation for Maxthon [PC] Turkish translation for Maxthon [PC] Turkish translation for Maxthon