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  1. My own picture with a dark brown texture.
  2. When dark custom theme is used no separators visible in address bar, navigation bar and tools bar.
  3. Separators thickness in the status bar is not the same. Monitoring tools (CPU usage etc.) icons out of alignment with the text - shifted down by 1 px.
  4. You made a separate extension for Quick Notes, but you didn't add a feature to add text to the note by right-clicking??? How's that? It was in Maxthon 5! And that's the first thing you need to create notes!!!
  5. New tab page margins between Maxnote and Passkeeper need correction.
  6. When dark image (custom theme) is used all icons and text in status bar are not visible. And it is required to reduce the font size for text in the status bar. It is very large.
  7. Yes of course. Take a look at my video.
  8. No, I launch my profile from desktop shortcut. I don't have a guest account. At all.
  9. In all the last builds auto-login function not working. Video attached. Video_2021-06-19_002725.mp4
  10. Internal Google translator is gone forever? RIP? Jeff, WTF is going on? You are destroying Chrome functionality. What for?
  11. Respect other members - use Google Translate