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  1. BUG - The position of the new Quick Notes window is not remembered.
  2. Is it possible to make the Cut, Copy, etc. buttons a bit wider? In Russian and many other languages the words do not fit in the size and the whole menu looks ugly. It's also a good idea to reduce the line spacing. The menu is stretched. Such wide strings are unnecessary.
  3. This has already been promised many times, back when M6 was announced.
  4. As usual, the menu looks good (contingently), only in English. In Russian, all words and fields intersect. Words are not placed in blocks. You must add the automatic resize of the menu width and fields. It looks terrible.
  5. This is ridiculous. No development. Except the unnecessary and non-removable Vbox, nothing changes. Even Chrome's built-in features are removed (goodbye internal Google translator). Just empty promises. Are you not ashamed?
  6. Internal Google translator is gone forever? RIP? Jeff, WTF is going on? You are destroying Chrome functionality. What for?
  7. Respect other members - use Google Translate
  8. Jeff, One and very important question - M6 interface can be changed as M5? The main scripting engine will be Sciter (Htmlayout) as before?
  9. zork

    Arowana skin update.