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  1. Bugs in site update & detect: The table header is not pinned and scrolls along with the results. The columns are fixed width and cannot be resized. In Russian, the name "icon" is not displayed in full.
  2. Hi, Sandra! It seems that the bug is fixed. 🤗 Thanks a lot.
  3. No, many people have this bug. This has been written about more than once. And there was no bug in the 6.1.хххх
  4. It's not funny anymore. 10 builds or more, you cannot fix the bug, it is visible immediately when you open the browser. It's a shame.
  5. Internal Google translator is gone forever? RIP? Jeff, WTF is going on? You are destroying Chrome functionality. What for?
  6. Respect other members - use Google Translate
  7. Jeff, One and very important question - M6 interface can be changed as M5? The main scripting engine will be Sciter (Htmlayout) as before?
  8. zork

    Arowana skin update.
  9. zork

    Arowana skin

    Translator module has changed in 5.2.5. The updated skin in beta stage. I will upload it ASAP.
  10. Tab Manager is extension and takes translation from corresponding strings in extension locale folder. You can make it by yourself. It will be faster. For example, for the Russian language: [lang] app.title=Менеджер вкладок app.description=Удобное средство просмотра и управления вкладками paneltitle=Менеджер вкладок app.tabManager=Менеджер вкладок app.closeAllTabs=Закрыть все app.refreshTabList=Обновить все Or you can replace original addon with new one from the attach. ru-ru.ini tabmanager.mxaddon
  11. zork

    Arowana skin update. Tabbar fix for Win10.