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  1. my all plugins... also "By Click Downloader" is same problems.
  2. capture video over 45mins.... you can see around start 28sec 552918570_bandicam2023-01-1621-47-10-002(online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  3. Why I used IDM to download the new MX version, and the file name is not the same as the URL file name? And some times, I click the download link, and IDM pops twice. The issue is from IDM or MX?
  4. When I watch the YT video at MX7.x over 20~60mins or more(randomly) The youtube video will stop for a short time, and I will see the screen go to all black. Then the monitor refreshes the screen. my OS is Win10 22H2 update to date. 64G RAM, VGA is NVidia The current MX7 is
  5. Can the MX team reduce the URL bar to QA distance? If the top to QA width can be as MX6 QA is ok. or shortly. my MX7 is but it's too wide for the distance. In the 16:9 NB screen or small resolutions monitor, the QA is not ok to access. I need to screen down to access the lower side icon.
  6. Can I know if the next version can support changing the QA temperature location by myself or manually selecting the location? The issue is that the default ISP IP location is not my current location. This is not ok for everyone to understand the weather.
  7. I found a problem on Google maps. MX4.4.3.x cannot using Mice wheel to Zoom-in and Zoom-out I need change the mode back to compilable mode, then the wheel be ok to Zoom-in/out. Please help to fix it
  8. Yes, I have email the issue to IDM. No any feedback now. I think the problem is MX. Because my PC instll firefox, Chrome, Maxthon 4 /3 The issue is only happening on MX4. and the problem is MX4's downloader (default download), and MX4 QuickAccess. How can I say? the problem is IDM, I don't think so. I have tried guess account on my PC MX4, the issue is same. And download the files thru MX4 to automatic capture the download address. The IDM is work well. But as you know: If I press alt, the download permission be transfer to MX4's downloader. Then, downloader be no any respond, just the downloader UI. Also, the QuickAccess is same, during open the MX4, or see the QA after close all tabs. The QA be no any response. I need close MX task by Windows task manager to close all of MX PID. :@:@:@:@
  9. The problem keep to MX4.4.3.2000 with IDM6.21.14/15. Also, I tried remove IDM the MX4 downloader/QuickAccess be work well. And I reinstall IDM 6.21.x any version, the MX4.4.2.x~4.4.3.x be not ok:@:@:@:@:@:'(:'(
  10. DARKSTORM replied at 2014-11-9 20:44 MX downloader worked for me... Downloaded 2 files a while ago, 1 apk and 1 rar=>downloaded from Mega ... the issue be installed IDM 6.21.15 on same PC. When you install IDM and MX both, the MX downloader be not workable, QuickAccess be crash or stock on open the QuickAccess Please see the issue, and get the point. If you never install IDM. the MX be work very :@well.
  11. When I upgrade MX to from 800 with IDM upgrade to 6.21.15 The MX downloader / QuickAccess cannot work again. The issue is same before. No respond, or MX response is very low on QuickAccess downloader is always no respond. Could you check this problem and fix it?