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  1. New video from version (64-bit) portable: 20ixb4CasL.mp4
  2. Version portable. Hit there, same as previous versions.
  3. Well, I'm not alone! JoeRee1968 has same problem! I attached a file with a video to show what happens. S0YfzufpZf.mp4
  4. Thank you for the demo clip. Unfortunately, when I try to move the items, MX6 starts circulating other items and not putting the item organized. Well, I will try again! Thnaks very much!
  5. When I try to rearrange icons in Quick Access, Maxthon 6 starts to circulte them in the screen or "open" a new item with two icons inside. How to organize icons in Quick Access just dragging it to a desired place and the other items remains on their places?