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  1. Unfortunately I can not debug. As I wrote previously, I am over company's restrictions. Firewall, rules to run applications out of a list, etc.
  2. Hi! Same! I changed to version above and my data was corrupted. I am attaching two images. In the first execution, MX6 runs fine. In the second one, the login popup appeared. Then, after choose to log as guest, my initial screen with my main favorites changed to a standard page, as showed in antother attached image.
  3. No. I can not sign in in all Maxthon versions. But, the last version I could use without problems was In versions after that, the login popup appears all time I run Maxthon and, worse, all my "Guest" customizations are lost. Then, I backed up the folder "User Data" everytime I tryed to update the browser in order to test new version. In all cases, starting with, the user data was corrupted. In time: I am using PORTABLE, due to a company's restrictions and I can not provide screens.
  4. In my company I use Maxthon logged as Guest. In the last three releases, the User Data folder seems to be corrupted. When I start Maxthon, every time I need to (re-)enter as Guest in the box, and all data that I saved before is lost. As I can not sign in Maxthon account due to company's restrictions, I was forced to back to This release is running OK.