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  1. Portable Version (64-bit). If you need the URL, send me a private message and I will reply with the link to that page. It happens only in some cases and, at now, only in that URL (see the screen recorded).
  2. Thanks! Unfortunately, I can not find an option to "auto-clear" on exit on that plugin. I will wait for a internal feature or for a plugin that in any case clear selected data all time MX6 is closed.
  3. I recorded the screen and attached it. It happened in some circumstances, when a MX6 is trying to open popup. 1ebYJ0KAer.mp4
  4. As my computers still turned on almost all time, I set up my MX5 to auto clear data on application close. There are some way to do the same set up in MX6, in order to not allow other people to get access to the pages and data remained from my previous session? Including the use of "Restore" pages from my previous session!
  5. Same here! I have an Asus storage and, when I open qBitTorrent from the Asus admin page (on a new tab), and copy/paste a magnet link, a new blank MX6 window (not tab) opens. At this moment, only in this case it happened.
  6. It is possible, but I am affraid that many users will have access to my personal data. Please, provide an e-mail address to receive my data folder.
  7. It happened right now again! See the attached reports. Portable Version (64-bit). 5e9a374b-3a9b-4752-b01e-8df72112d608.rar
  8. OK. Reports attached. Please, keep in mind that not all times that crash happens. I do not identify any rule to say "it happened again!". reports.rar