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  1. After tests, I see that Maxthon regularly loses the link of my account (no more sync), I have to reconnect to my Maxthon account by Settings / general. Once connected, it crashes constantly, after a few seconds. It disconnects then stays open longer. My KIS antivirus closed, identical problem. Problem appeared with version 508. I'll give you the reports folder. reports.rar
  2. Thank you, I will follow this up to you later today...
  3. sudden closure ! Hello, since update (Build 0508), I have a pc where Maxthon stops by itself ! a few times after several hours, then a few minutes, and even a few seconds !!! This is only done on one of my 2 PCs that have Maxthon installed, and I can't give you more info because I don't understand what is causing this shutdown without warning. When I open Maxthon again, he tells me it was closed abnormally and offers to reopen the last few pages. Am I the only one this happens to? Do you have a solution or a new version? Thank you for your help...
  4. Thanks, I am attaching a video of the uncontrollable speed dial ... 981614915_bandicam2021-01-2008-34-44-482.mp4
  5. Hello, I have been using the speed dial tab for a long time, I find it very practical, and synchronization on all my pc is essential for me. The speed dial of mx6 is erratic, it is difficult or impossible to move and classify thumbnails without generating a mixture, the thumbnails come out of subfolders and go anywhere, I even lost a complete folder. Is this bug known and will it be fixed?