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  1. v7 x64 portable feels snappier than 6.2.x here, and the white screen issue seems a lot better (I still see white screens but only for a short time, so much more bearable), good job so far, I'm liking this one a lot more
  2. no, this is using a single monitor, single instance of maxthon with default zoom at 150%. when the browser only a couple of tabs, it happens so fast it's barely noticeable, but it gets more noticeable as the memory consumption goes up. Maybe try to open lots of tabs including a couple of youtube tabs, then opeen `https://github.com/AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui/wiki` (make sure there is a youtube tab after the current tab, it seems to be a factor) then try to open links in new background tabs using middle mouse click. On my system, the zoom resets to 100% before going back to 150%. This used to work fine before v6.2.xxxx (most display issues like the white flash and overall slower experience seem to happen after 6.2.xxx)
  3. Hey @BugSir006, here's the video of the problem I had in; it still happens in (when I use zoom 150% and I open a tab in background using middle click, the current window's zoom size revert to 100% for a split second)
  4. - I use page zoom +150% (on a 4k tv), in recent builds (I guess since V6.2.0.1400), whenever I open a new tab in the background (with mmb), my current tab goes back to zoom 100% for 1-2s then jumps back to zoom +150%. This is a consistent behavior, not random, it happens when zoom scale is different from 100%. - I keep seeing the app white screen flash when maxthon has to redraw its window (whenever I minimize maxthon and bring it up again or when another app takes focus in fullscreen, the maxthon window is white for several seconds). Heppening since v6.2.x.xxxx and may be related to hardware acceleration (the issue is even worse with hardware acceleration ON)