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  1. It shouldn't no. Try deleting the favs DB in %appdata%
  2. *understanding, in case it helps for English that last bit. Welcome back I see several new bits like the hearting
  3. You did have modding duties for a while though, titles just changed, you got like junior mod then global then vice admin I recall i had 18 warnings at 1 point you told me. The messing up your post 12/13 offtopic i think was when you began under nicole up till just now or you mean duties fulfilledwise? 700mil users? More dont register on the forum. unlike the plainish discuz, less integration unless i misrecall Just noting in bug issues, little to contribute unanswered etc
  4. The same reason people went for MX2 wasnt the trident engine but the shell Stuff like SRWare died but so did Rockmelt. I'd say people are fine w/ mediocrity but it is more in the features than the single-issue matters...Palemoon "capitalizes" on optimization, a x64 version that sets it apart Waterfox for those unwilling to use the nightly Maybe loyalty is keyer than trying to swipe vivaldi fans but that is where many went prior to Maxthon switching It is less the base but is the features that merely ported to chromium at current arent that of the older versions, ours So we tried to be chromium prior becoming it. That was a mistake. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, what in the engine can be tweaked? What cannot be done by mere addons? Most consumers like ease (TVMC) but...ok sounds crappy aloud but a sleeker GUI (ubuntu) Look, that adds nothing. I think you're right but we're trying to be MX4 gone chromium The cloud is good. That is something, chromium syncs but MX4 synced downloads etc.. We need more than that but it is a step in a cloud age, what makes this unique isnt just the direction like privacy or customization but what youre able to customize, what control do users've over their data? People want less so much to clear e.g. this data as know they can. Google does but it doesnt offer all the aspects we can Like adhunter, it was no abp but maybe people preferred the format. You can rename features but if we can't tweak its core features, let's at least redesign its usability The main benefit to engine uniformity is compatibility but chromium isnt just blink. It means it needs to offer not just something tweaked of chromium but added onto it. i dont mean bloaty Older versions of MX offered not just a direction but a multifunctional array of purposes. Vivaldi i think is more it than Brave we wanna go but what separates us from that? Go customization, incl. privacy but make privacy our own, offer customization vivaldi lacks. beat them to long-neglected drawbacks by reading their forums. I dont mean bugs...theyve an issue w/ U2F, much of maxthon's had bugs, not just QR but something kept them coming Community management, we tried to revive the browser fanbase. that is good but no replacement. Likewise, lack of community didnt care what features it offered There is no community after much the team left but what caused it? Look back to 2011, you need a browser to sell to even engage a community. That family kept people on loyalty but loyalty isnt attraction Maybe we could offer a smartfilter of sorts? Win10 already does I think the issue is we wanna keep the old base during the MX4 zenith but mx4 was more than just a collection of features Sometimes being the little guy isnt a disadvantage but an advantage. Nobody trusts google, vivaldi had a former base It isnt impossible to draw ours back but mx3 had mx2 buried in it. all that is mx4 in mx5 is a brandname I think the reason privacy a singleissue attracts isnt just a gimmick but which trend. Customization is continual innovation than marketing. It transcends Eventually singleissues die out. Audiences stick so long theres more a development hearing than a voice engaging I never said this as i felt uncomfy admitting but while my life complications both terrific+crippling took me away, my unease the trajectory, progress of mx was a deciding factor in accepting health a more important issue or else idve ignored it till i couldnt anymore to stay Maybe i sensed we'd endup here, idk but i never meant to abandon it. Look, my loyalty got my parents to install it. Theyve long since deleted it. Their beef was dock errors, updates Maybe if i spokeup, this couldve been prevented, idk
  5. I'm taking fulltime ready to train for a new job. I've been considering a return for some time. I'll PM you now; seems redundant having contacted you already on Linkedin but... I assume HISTORICAL constancy COUNTS? Well, not assume but hope. Actually, IDK if you mean in "ratio" to visit count or?
  6. No problem for helping, though i didn't expect someone would tweak my addon into a new addon so I'm glad I got to help, given I've been incredibly inactive for ages thus far.
  7. OPR is Opera after presto was dumped (if muscle memory serves, after 12.31 or around it), but Opera is Opera before it. QupZilla was designed for FOSS OSs, but it's also available for Linux. I was the one who put QupZilla in the original version off which Magdalene is basing the new ones: it balances it out, because of how sites interpret the UA. You can also use QtWeb/3.8.5.
  8. Magdalene replied at 2014-5-12 12:35 The strings posted above were originally posted by me on another thread and then reposted by Magg. T ... those are truncated, above the truncated header. besides that, using OPR along with Chrome is unnecessary given that OPR stands for the opera releases following its switch to blink/webkit. Using Opera instead of OPR is a better idea , but keep Chrome in there, because without it, dropbox doesn't work, nor does netflix. As for Maxthon, you don't need the whole version number in there. It takes up space, for the same effect. However, keeping the whole version number for the others is a good idea, until I do some more follow-up testing, upon getting a bit more free-time. You also don't need (KHTML, like Gecko). It has no impact . You don't need "U" in there, because it is by default "U," without it included. It signifies the type of encryption, and I had only included "I" in my original UA string from which all of this is derived, for legacy purposes.
  9. Imanerd replied at 2015-3-27 19:39 resolved. changing status it had nothing to do with your issue. It was system proxy config.....
  10. then not the same error. Mine simply says unable to connect.... mine is logged-in, well locally anyway. I just can't connect to the server which makes it loop continuously in re-trying to connect over and over, which slows down my browsing, ugh.
  11. 30249689 replied at 2015-3-27 16:58 I have that issue for five days too... Any reply? Answers?? perhaps there are several servers handling accounts, so as to not stress a single server with every account - and the specific server we both are being designated, is down... thoughts? Larry has no issue, either...
  12. tony. replied at 2015-3-27 16:56 maybe try it as most folk do with a not screwed version of windows or whatever - i have no idea what ... internet works, and maxthon is working. Windows works, and it worked an hour ago. passport fails to connect... and even if it were windows itself, resetting winsock and tcpip should've fixed it, alone, especially with clearing the dns resolution cache...
  13. I've tried resetting the tcpip stack and winsock catalogue, even deleting crl cache and arp data, yet it still refuses to connect....
  14. Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.4; SV3; I; Win64; IA64, en) AppleWebKit/9537.53+ Chrome/43.0.2331.0 OPR/12.31 Konqueror/4.14.4