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  1. I don’t remember now. And I can’t try right now: the problem occurs periodically, now the site has loaded normally again.
  2. And again - the same page, but adblock is turned off. In this case, I did not understand how to get to this page - only ads are visible.
  3. Maxthon (via proxy) and tor browser: the same page, at the same time.
  4. I've been using Maxthon since MyIE2. But I am very unhappy that the horizontal scrolling pages has been removed from the QuickAccess!!!
  5. Already impossible. Today the site normally opened through a proxy. What is the reason - I do not know: maybe another route inside the proxy (tor), maybe something has changed on the site itself, or maybe the stars have aligned. Can this situation depend on the engine? Previously, I experimented with switching: the result of working through a proxy was different for each engine. Checked now: loading through the IE engine - does not work, it crashes due to blocking by the provider.
  6. It seems to me that when using the proxy mode "only for sites from the list", the proxy is used only for traffic towards a specific site, instead of the entire contents of the page (tab). Suppose a page contains snippets downloaded from other sites. These sites are not accessible without a proxy. It turns out that the page will not load or will not display correctly. I think that the correct option would be to download the whole page through a proxy, if its address is in the list for the proxy. Version:, windows 10
  7. Anybody here? I think, you've got to add functionality to clear stored data from account to the UI. As I can see, the data blocks are different for MX4 and MX5, please, don't forget about this fact.
  8. The original QaConfig.dat was deleted before my first post appeared here. If I can to see the normal QA without any links (blank QA) - I am pleased. It's not a problem - to fill out QA. Browser has created a new QaConfig.dat , I think - it's the same as deleted: it's a result of syncronization form the same source. QuickAccess.zip I've tested: disable synchronization for QA, delete the folder with the QA, create a new bookmark (after browser restarts, I have a normal blank QA), enable synchronization ... and I see the same QaConfig.dat that was before the experiment
  9. Additional Information: 1. I was able to open QA in portable, and I removed all in QA. But it did not help me: QA can't be loaded in other versions. Also, I can see normal QA in MX5. 2. I tried to perform a clean install, including delete QaConfig.dat and the whole Maxthon's folder, Maxthon was uninstalled, local settings - was removed too. Everything remains as before... My account - in your PM
  10. I am from russian Siberia (timezone: GMT+7), it is very cold in here, my cat's nickname - Zveryuga (terrible beast - not quite an accurate translation, but it is close in meaning)
  11. I have a backup :-) list of urls, manually And I have a backup all of my favorites. Only value - the account itself, it was created many years ago
  12. Speed dial (aka Quick-Access) lost for all 4.x: tested in 4 versions (portable, clear install) Account for browser - registered to a different address (I do not want to write it here)