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  1. I am very glad to see the possibility of a screenshot for quick access. If I could put my own picture, it would be even better. Let me also remind you that the best version of quick access in the history of maxthon was the version in mx4, where there were named pages arranged horizontally. This version allowed you to catalog quick access and open the desired page as quickly as possible.
  2. Now I try bit) 0618 portable The tabs opened in order. However, a new tab appeared to the left of the pinned ones, and in the settings it is specified to open a new one on the right of the current one.
  3. Windows 32-bit portable (no installed maxthon in the system) on windows 10 x64
  4. No. And I checked: if I closed maxton 6 - the keyboard shortcut stops working
  5. For version (portable x86, no installed Maxthon in this system), the same problems persisted. The problem of the reverse order of pinned tabs also persists. Some pinned tabs-disappear after restarting.
  6. How can I disable the screenshot call by Ctrl+F1 ? It greatly interferes with other applications!
  7. Hi there, you can select "Open the new tab to the right of all tabs". ? This solution is called a "crutch". The specified setting is clearly intended for other purposes... I can suggest one more "crutch": open the browser, then close it, then open it again.
  8. After restarting, the pinned tabs (or maybe the last session) - open in the reverse order (Windows x86 ver.)
  9. I open Maxton. Pinned tabs opened at once. I click "restore tabs" to open the tabs of the last session. And for the pinned tabs, copies opened.
  10. Are you, in general, going to make proxy settings, as in MX5, where you can make a proxy only for sites from the list? This is one of the most interesting mechanisms not found in other browsers.
  11. Version: бит) Maxthon 6 browser is up to date Maxthon.com - saved as mhtml and then opened from file
  12. And what does that mean? I only see an option to save HTML-only and HTML with a folder for its contents. I need the ability to save as Mhtml, not html !
  13. When it becomes possible to save the page in MHTML and QuickAccess with screenshots in MX6, please remind me of this. Until then, there's no point in even looking. This isn't Maxthon yet.
  14. I've been using Maxthon since MyIE2. But I am very unhappy that the horizontal scrolling pages has been removed from the QuickAccess!!!