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  1. I still don't understand why the "Release Notes --> MX6" branch is abandoned?
  2. I have been observing a lull in the release of new versions for a month now. Does this mean that Maxthon 8 will be released ? 😉
  3. I had many tabs open in several windows. At some point, I decided to close the extra ones and started closing the tabs one by one. The first one closed instantly, and after closing about 10-20 tabs, the next one closed for about 10 minutes on a powerful computer! All MX windows, at the same time, hung. Other programs, at the same time - worked fine. What can MX do when closing a tab? Ver., portable. However, I have observed this behavior in previous versions as well. + It seems that it happens when I closed all the tabs of one window, then closed the empty window itself, and then started closing the tabs of another window.
  4. no, at that time, there was a slightly earlier version
  5. When the browser crashes, the next time it starts, all the windows that were open at the time of the crash open. Why don't you make it so that I can close all the windows at once, so that when the browser starts, they all open? Somewhere above in the topic, I suggested making a menu on the sidebar with the ability to open windows that were opened in the last session. Unfortunately, opening the windows of the last session from history is not very convenient, besides, they disappear from there over time.
  6. and what is a crash data? the browser did not issue any error messages
  7. in the case of the portable version, the files of the new version - in any case fall into a separate folder.
  8. what is a clean install - for the portable version? actually, deleting all data with each update is not a pleasant procedure: then you need to re-register and synchronize everything.
  9. Have you ever thought of placing open windows and tabs on the sidebar like a bookmark tree? After restarting the browser, you can leave additional windows on the sidebar (marked as inactive), with the ability to open them or remove them if not needed.
  10. 1500 portable - starts, shows the browser window, and after a few seconds - closes without any messages (checked: hardware acceleration is off)
  11. I tried to install version 1400: the same situation as with 1300, but rolling back to 1201 does not help anymore. clearing browser data has not changed the situation. 1101 started normally I found a solution: for some reason, hardware acceleration turned on, which I had already turned off, having similar problems
  12. Version portable makes the computer hang. 1201 - starts normally under the same conditions, CPU usage immediately at the start of the browser 1300:
  13. Yes! It seems to work without it. I'll see if everything is fine. Does this mean I have a problem with the video drivers?