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  1. I do not know a browser that supports such features. I hope Maxthon will be the first.
  2. If it is configured to group buttons on the taskbar, then there is such a command. And if "do not group" is configured, then - no. In the process of work, I often need to switch between several windows of the same application, therefore, grouped buttons - greatly slow down the work.
  3. However, it would be convenient to close all windows with one command. And when you open the browser, so that all windows open as they were before closing.
  4. Is there a way to open several browser windows at once, with a set of tabs in each, as it was before closing? Each windows has its own set.
  5. After installing bit)1126 (Windows 10), QA - resetted to zero!
  6. Congratulations to the developers! Great improvement!
  7. yes, of course. the deletion of the user's data has been confirmed.
  8. bit)0801 everything is the same. in some moments it works faster, but it also freezes when creating a new tab - about 18 seconds.
  9. The new 32-bit: the background and contours of the tiles - draws immediately, but the pictures on the tiles - appear gradually, and until they are loaded, the browser freezes. Demolished 32-bit, installed 64-bit: it works faster, with the rest-it takes time to figure it out
  10. because the first versions of mx 6, the 32-bit version contained fewer errors and worked more stably than the 64-bit version
  11. Nothing has changed: about 23 seconds (clocked) to open the tab. Until the tab opens, the browser freezes. bit)0730 Windows 10 x64 19041
  12. Today I opened my old account in mx6. I don't even remember which version of maxthon this account is registered in (maybe in 4, maybe in 3). It has a large collection of links in QA. In mx5, this worked fine, but in mx6 , a new tab opens for 15-20 seconds, and at the same time, the entire browser freezes.
  13. There is a button in the video playback mode. However, there is no button to save the file by link. It may be one and the same for you, but not for me. I want to save the video without starting playback. There are also other types of files by link. Also, there is no way to save the page you are viewing (mhtml, pdf).
  14. unfortunately, clicking on the link does not work on my smartphone (apparently, if there is a configured player, and this is correct): when you click on the link, the playback opens in a separate tab, and there is no way to save video! I am sure that the correct option is the presence of the "save as" function, which saves the object by reference, whatever it is
  15. for example, yoodownload.com and enter a link to any video from YouTube in the input field, then click download