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  1. Password manager forgot all passwords

    it looks like syncing is not sucessful.
  2. M5 on windows 10 Security Issue

    Other browsers just give up to set default browser within itself. We think it's not the best we can offer and still working on it.
  3. M5 on windows 10 Security Issue

    My guess its default browser issue. On win10 it's difficult to set default browser within the app itself. The dev team is trying several ways to do it. This version of win10 seems changed its policy again. The UAC actually blocked a process to set default browser . The normal browser process is not affected.
  4. M5 on windows 10 Security Issue

    Don't run into conclusion so quickly.(especially you are a mod) What's the pop up? Is it from windows defender? Why Maxthon shall not run if the pop up says it shall not? A screenshot will be more helpful.
  5. Ron, you can find more information about passkeeper (and other features) from our help center .
  6. Where are my password?

    Can you use mx5(portable version) and import your mx4 magic fill data ? mx5 could have fixed a lot of bugs in mx4.
  7. PushBullet for Maxthon? Or Like Extension?

    The quickest way to send an webpage to mobile via mx5 is through QRCode. Then you can use mx5 android/iOS to scan the code and get the page.
  8. yes. In mx5 we will try to improve the UI and have consistancy among all platforms.