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  1. This still makes me uneasy. Can't you make it hidden like Mx5? Only show when double-clicked. I can't even turn off auto-fill. It's too exposed and obstructs other fields.
  2. I'll just make this short. I'm ignoring most of your reply. I've already been using Maxthon since 2014 and been barely participating on this Forum but has accumulated till now that I became an Assistant Mage. If you've really been using it since MyIE2, you should still have some participation recorded or you've stopped using Maxthon before Mx4 (That's the time I remember the Forum changing). It's like you've just returned to Maxthon after it is shifting to Chromium so HUGE Maxthon supporter my a**. Talk to the hand? Talk to your a**. Sorry for the word mods. You can't even read properl
  3. What's the WHOLE point of having an ACCOUNT if your are just going to LOG IT OUT? So you like them exposed? It's just like telling "Look how many accounts I have saved on my account. Why don't you use them" to someone who uses your account to browse for a moment. You can't read your password on the login form unless you use Developer Tools. You can open your PassKeeper to see them. What's the point of having a Password Manager if you have to re-enter them? It exists so you can Manage your Accounts or are you referring to Auto-Fill? Truthfully, I don't like that feature. I like min
  4. Error code 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE) When will the saved accounts/passwords be unexposed?
  5. We're on a weekly release. That's nice. Though I probably won't try until V6.0.1
  6. Nope. I always remember that Snap Region is Ctrl+F1. I haven't even tried Ctrl+F2 outside the browser since it is, as the description says, Snap Whole Page.
  7. I see. Also works when I tried it again. There must have been some error when I was trying it earlier.
  8. I meant snapping other windows too like Mx5 without having to focus on the browser. Ctrl+F1 just works on other windows
  9. Snap Screen works but only inside Mx6. Can it be used outside too?
  10. Username and Password gets automatically filled. List of accounts are exposed. Although the first Beta is out, I'm still not using it. There's still a long way to go. Also, I'm still waiting for the status bar.
  11. Progress seems to good so far. Though while it's still missing the sidebar and status bar, I won't be using it as my regular browser.
  12. Whoa. There are a lot of words there and it gives a prick to the heart (not sure if used the right term). I'm not really good with these kind of conversation but I'll still voice my mind. What MaxthonJeff said that "I created maxthon to please myself in the first place" is probably a typical reply among developers. I'm not sure if you, sajphon, is a developer yourself but I've studied programming and have already tried building projects. While studying, my instructor gives me some tasks to build then I defy him by implementing features that I myself think could make the output better and
  13. As for me, I still want to retain the Features: Sidebar Status Bar (Especially System Info for Up & Down Speeds) Night Mode (Possibly Improve) Developer Tools Resource Sniffer (Especially! Barely used but helps BIG time) Snap (Frequently used. Useful at all times). Lastly... Gmail Notifier Extension (Not sure if Chrome has a similar/better alternative but this is very useful to me) I'd probably still stick to Maxthon as my all around browser no matter the changes. It carries most of my browsing data and I feel more secured with Passkeeper than