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  1. Can we add the feature from Mx5 that has an Auto-fill and Manual fill for passwords? I'm really concerned opening login pages and seeing a user and password fill. Also the list automatically pops up In Mx5, I have the option to manually fill my accounts. I can use double-click on the field to pop-up the list of my accounts.
  2. Is the Reading View not yet integrated? I remember there is a way to activate it but forgot how.
  3. QR Code generator needs space around its border. It's hard to detect edges.
  4. I'll try V6.1.3.1900. I'm excited to see the sidebar
  5. History doesn't load competely/properly. It only shows up to a certain point. As you can see, the scrollbar is already at the edge and it is very wide meaning it doesn't have that much content to scroll.
  6. I just opened youtube from last session then let it run on the background. It crashed after some time. I think it is related to my system RAM.
  7. Enough! I already updated to the latest version and only browsing YouTube but it still crashed. Here's my crashpad, please diagnose it. 1810654730_Mx6CrashpadReports.rar
  8. Whoa. There are a lot of words there and it gives a prick to the heart (not sure if used the right term). I'm not really good with these kind of conversation but I'll still voice my mind. What MaxthonJeff said that "I created maxthon to please myself in the first place" is probably a typical reply among developers. I'm not sure if you, sajphon, is a developer yourself but I've studied programming and have already tried building projects. While studying, my instructor gives me some tasks to build then I defy him by implementing features that I myself think could make the output better and that impresses him. On another case, I checked some others projects then thought to myself "It could've been better" then tell them ways to improve their work but it was just a form of self-satisfaction. I bet they're thinking "easier said than done, I have to make a lot of adjustments to implement that". Basically speaking, MaxthonJeff built Maxthon because he isn't satisfied with other browsers. Probably saying "I could do better" then he built and released it wherein other people finds convenience with what he built. He didn't build it just to please others. As for me, I wouldn't build something I don't want to just to please others. How can you be yourself if you build something just for others and not for yourself? And @sajphon: 30522 hours usage, Member since January 12, 2013 (recorded in community). Me: 8575 hours usage, Member since January 21, 2014 (recorded in account). I'm 1 year later and 21947 hours shorter than you. How come you have smaller contributions but bigger guts to cause a commotion here?
  9. As for me, I still want to retain the Features: Sidebar Status Bar (Especially System Info for Up & Down Speeds) Night Mode (Possibly Improve) Developer Tools Resource Sniffer (Especially! Barely used but helps BIG time) Snap (Frequently used. Useful at all times). Lastly... Gmail Notifier Extension (Not sure if Chrome has a similar/better alternative but this is very useful to me) I'd probably still stick to Maxthon as my all around browser no matter the changes. It carries most of my browsing data and I feel more secured with Passkeeper than Chrome's. One concern would be LivesOne & LivesToken. As Mx6 will support BSV, LivesOne will probably be left out. Hope the feature is still the same, Reward for Browsing, but please, no eating away CPU usage. Browsers already consume a large amount of RAM. Don't make it harder.
  10. Hi there, please check the screenshot and try to contact your local telecom provider.


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      We have checked the records of your messages, the messages have been sent properly. Please try to contact your local telecom provider.


  12. Try installing the one I uploaded on this forum. (2nd Reply)