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  1. I am unable to play Netflix via Maxthon. I'm running This has been happening for a rather long time, Netflix home page will load but when I click play on any particular show/movie it will redirect me to a compatability page. If I run the browser in Retro it will play just audio and the screen is black. I've tried logging out of my maxthon account and tried running the browser as admin. Any know a fix?Kodi TutuApp AppValley
  2. Has anyone managed to get gestures to work on the Maxthon app with default gestures or Advanced Gesture app that is supposed to work with it? I can't find any information on using this feature or get it to work. https://downloader.vip/ccleaner/ https://www.happywheels.vip/ https://vlc.onl/
  3. I know maxthon has cloud push but I would really love a pushbullet extension. I have pushbullet on all my devices and it works really well. I've used pushbullet ext/addons on firefox and chrome and loved it. Please bring it to Maxthon. VidMate AnyDesk mobdro.onl/