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  1. Yes, only English or Chinese web is working well. All others are without text.
  2. There are no text on Maxthon main web pages:
  3. Opera is based on Chrome, so this is reason why in the Opera works extensions for Chrome.
  4. This issue is still here. And also here: And here:
  5. There is also missing text:
  6. Try delete custom filters and then click Sync:
  7. UserAgent options are outdated. There is only max IE version 9 option and all UA strings of other browsers are very old. Please make update.
  8. s_ta_s replied at 2015-2-20 12:22 I'm using the default UserAgent . I did not use the Maxthon 3.0 never. Only now I have noticed the o ... No, you are using customized UA. Option "Customize UserAgent string" should be unchecked for using default Maxthon UA.