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  1. Yes, only English or Chinese web is working well. All others are without text.
  2. There are no text on Maxthon main web pages:
  3. Opera is based on Chrome, so this is reason why in the Opera works extensions for Chrome.
  4. This issue is still here. And also here: And here:
  5. There is also missing text:
  6. Try delete custom filters and then click Sync:
  7. UserAgent options are outdated. There is only max IE version 9 option and all UA strings of other browsers are very old. Please make update.
  8. s_ta_s replied at 2015-2-20 12:22 I'm using the default UserAgent . I did not use the Maxthon 3.0 never. Only now I have noticed the o ... No, you are using customized UA. Option "Customize UserAgent string" should be unchecked for using default Maxthon UA.
  9. Can not login to Maxthon Online Favorites page. login doesn't work. login works.
  10. You are not alone, it's annoying.
  11. Maxthon not checking certificates in Retro (IE) mode:
  12. s_ta_s replied at 2015-2-20 11:18 And yes, I'm usually using the latest version of the browser. So why you have Maxthon/3.0 in the UserAgent setting? There is Maxthon/ now.
  13. s_ta_s replied at 2015-2-19 16:28 The spell checker in the Ukrainian language does not work for six months alredy If you are still on the Maxthon 3.0...
  14. Why use oldest version with Fast forward button? There are also versions and with this function.
  15. Try this:
  16. Hi, I have made this thread, please support this function: