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  1. The workaround seems to have worked. Thanks, Oliver.
  2. Let's say, I have two fresh installation of Maxthon on my laptop (L) and desktop (D) and there's data from previous Maxthon version in the cloud (C.) I sign in to L, data gets updated from C, I delete custom filters and sync, custom filters don't come back to L anymore and they're supposed to be deleted from C as well after the sync. Now I sign in to D, data gets updated from C, all previously deleted custom filters get back in D now, I have to delete them again. It appears that, sync after the deletion of custom filters don't affect the cloud data. So every time I'll sign in to a fresh installation I'll have to remove the custom filters manually which shouldn't be the case. That's why I'm looking for a way to reset sync data in the cloud.
  3. Yes, I recently had a fresh install of v4.4.5.1000. I had synced data from a previous version. The custom filters came from that version. I did try forced-syncing after deleting all custom filters but that didn't help. I tested this with a portable installation of the same version. You can see the results below - So there's no way to clear and reset sync data on the server side like Chrome sync? By the way, in ABP, neither whitelisted domains nor custom filter subscription (like EasyPrivacy) are synced. They should be.
  4. Now that ABP is integrated into Maxthon I don't need the custom Adhunter filters. So I removed each of them (right click > delete). But when I initiated sync on a new Maxthon installation those Adhunter filters got back again through sync (the deleted filters were supposed to be removed from sync). Besides I have returned back to Maxthon after a long time and I want to start syncing from zero again (like starting fresh). So is there a way I can reset sync data of my account on server side?