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  1. inMx5_V5.3.8.2000
     How i can makes Internet Download Manager icon appeared on any Video played to download it ,
    Note : when i swich the Core some websites doesn't works 


  2. The question solved independently. The password file was decrypted. Logins and passwords were extracted.

    I used Maxthon from the first versions, and the development of the browser was pleasant up to 4xxx versions. It began to consume too many resources, and often I observe a memory leak. And there is a lack of a full-fledged store of extensions, and the extensions themselves are too small. And the implementation of import / export of passwords, with the protection of the database by double authentication.And I do not abandon Maxthon, I hope that he will become the best.

    1. BugMiss006


      Thanks for your reply and kind explanation! Now I understand your concern and respect that.

      The main aim for MX5 is to help users do more on their information management. With these handy function added, the file becomes bigger and for some devices, it seems to be heavier. But we are trying our best to improve it after the release version. I hope we can have more breakthroughs on these aspects.

      Thanks for your suggestion and feedback!


    2. MxBob


      Same here, I'm using Maxthon since the launch and it's still my primary browser although some online banking sites refuse it. But to answer your question for feedback among the 3 comments: I am not abandoning Maxthon, only the Microsoft spyworld. So after installing my distro of Linux I was badly surprised I won't be able to continue Maxthon with the huge database of Logins and data that I've created over the years, Maxthon for linux was stopped in some ancient times by version 1.0.5 or so. This old version cannot be installed because of dependencies in linux, it required libgcrypt11 etc. but my current library is e.g. libgcrypt20 etc. If there would be cloud Maxthon version for Linux I would not need to search for ways how to somehow export all the login data to a file.

  3. I agree with fOrTune(r), because the core of MX4 is too old to support this site, but MX5 has a new core, so it's the only solution for that.
  4. Hi Daniel, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused. But could you please let me know whether this error happened on only a certain website, or for all pages using MX5? If it is the former, a url will be highly appreciated! Thank you for your support for Maxthon, and please don't worry. @BugSir006 will follow up this ticket to help you until it is solved!
  5. 7twenty is right. Neither MX4 nor MX5 supports exporting passwords while you can export the bookmarks saved in Maxthon browser. Well, could I know why you want to move to other browsers? Your feedback will be highly appreciated to help us improve our products. Why not give your Maxthon browser another chance?
  6. Hi Roger, Has this problem been solved after you update the browser version? I couldn't confirm exactly the problem from your description, but given that you were using v4.9.2.1000, which is an old version, I guess it may be similar with this question in this thread. There's a video in above thread. You can check it and if you were referring to the same problem, I agree with 7twenty and suggest you to update your browser to the latest version:, because that bug has been fixed in v4.9.4.1100 Looking forward your feedback. Jelly
  7. Hi federacer, I'm sorry for bringing you inconvenience and the late reply. The situation you encountered is unusual. My OS is same as yours but the RAM consumption is much lower, so I think it may be related to some other usage environment. Could you please help create full dump and send back to us for reference? It will help us identify the cause and which part and which process it is that eats RAM. Attached is a tool to create full dump, and an animation picture to show how to use this software to create full dump. (The software, procexp, is a tool developed by Microsoft. It's safe and light, only 2.7MB. You can click it to use without installation.) Any other question, please feel free to let us know. Regards! Jelly procexp.exe
  8. Hi mesmer, I'm sorry I couldn't understand your point quite clearly. Could you have a screenshot for a clearer explanation? Jelly
  9. I think you are right in this case. Actually for MX4, our test team once tried more than 300 tabs running at the same time without problems hhhh.
  10. It has been confirmed as a bug, and will be fixed in future ;D
  11. Strange...why couldn't I open it.. @7twentyCan you help check this issue?
  12. Have forwarded this problem to the product team for their consideration, and I will update you shortly if there's any feedback. Regards! Jelly
  13. Hi Ralf, I test this link from my side, but couldn't open the link you mentioned...Maxthon browser, IE, Chrome same situation. Could you double check the link? and actually I'm waiting for somebody else. Anyone who could open this link?
  14. Hi there, Have you tried 7twenty's suggestion? Hope it has resolved your problems. If there's still any problem, please update us which version of Maxthon browser you are using, which url for this video. It will help us identify the cause and give solutions. Regards! Jelly
  15. Hi there, Sorry for late reply. Does it happen usually? or only sometimes? Repeated issue will help us test and identify the cause, so it will be better if you could give some more description about what operation you did before or after that. Thanks in advance, and very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Regards! Jelly