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  1. Bug missing space

    Another missing spaces before brackets:
  2. Bug missing space

    Maybe very hard to fix...
  3. Bug missing space

    Hi, there is missing also:
  4. Broken web

    Yes, only English or Chinese web is working well. All others are without text.
  5. Broken web

    There are no text on Maxthon main web pages:
  6. Bug missing space

    There are missing spaces. See screenshot:
  7. Open multiple links using drag & drop

    It looks like new bug.
  8. Other extensions (Opera, Google Chrome, ...)

    Opera is based on Chrome, so this is reason why in the Opera works extensions for Chrome.
  9. Skynote menu strange

    This issue is still here. And also here: And here:
  10. Open multiple links using drag & drop

    Why this bookmarklet doesn't work now?
  11. Words missing on some websites

    There is also missing text:
  12. This is very good question.
  13. Paper skin

    Can you post it here?