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13 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

Hi MichaelC362, this feature could only be use in incognito mode previously but could not keep records of user account. Now it is added in the main menu; which will be recorded and users will be able to login the next time round.


Usually push update is only done on Wednesday or Thursday. Thus for notification for update, users will have to wait till then to see it.

Hi Zura Chelidze, do you still see this error as I have yet to receive any similar report from other users.

Hi grisp1, kindly send me your log file again if possible.

Hi @BugSir009, logs sent via a PM. Thanks.

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10 hours ago, MichaelC362 said:

Maxthon just auto-updated to v7.1.8.6000 (64-bit) 0125 23:01
The changelog reported though is the same as v7.1.7.9200 beta...
What's actually changed?

Key Updates

Added Full Video Download Feature: When the main video floating toolbar is enabled, you can now download the current video by clicking the download button on the floating toolbar while on the video playback page. New

New Session Window: Added a New Session Window option to the main menu, allowing users to log in and use secondary accounts in a separate and isolated environment, enabling multiple accounts to be online at the same time for any websites. New
Added System Notifications: Real-time push notifications for asset changes to ensure users receive important updates promptly. Go to Settings >>

Added Sidebar AI Chat Shortcut: Provides an intelligent interaction experience with a quick shortcut to AI Chat.

Added Safe Mode Startup: Click on the main menu -> More Tools -> Safe Mode to start the browser in safe mode.

Added Solid Color Background for New Tab Pages: Customize the background color of new tab pages when there is no background image.

Optimized Browser Process Usage: Reduced system resource usage and improved browser startup speed by 16%.


Optimized Address Bar Search Results: Display more relevant matching content in search results.

Adjusted Default Tab Width to Display More Tabs: You can now customize the tab width in "Settings" -> "Tabs" -> "Tab Width."

Improved Speed of Browser Note Search.

Optimized User Information System for Timely Updates.

Streamlined Installation Process and Added Optional Post-Installation Items.

Updated Multi-Language Translation.

Fixed Known Issues and Crashes

See ya, Ldfa.

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8 hours ago, MichaelC362 said:

Although spread out more, that's still basically the same changelog as the previous version!

Yes, that's always the case when they move from a beta version to a stable version.

See ya, Ldfa.

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