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  1. Hi @BugSir009, Unfortunately, the new Android build doesn't solve the issue - I'm still unable to sync Windows and Android devices. Please advise.
  2. Hi @BugSir009. I was able to sync two desktop computers using the 'old' build last night, but still can't sync the desktop and Android versions ( even with the 'updated' build. Regards.
  3. Hello @BugSir009, This version has a sync issue again - it doesn't show an error during the process, but no actual sync is performed. Please advise, Thanks!
  4. Hello @BugSir009, I noticed there is a regression in the 'Restore Last Closed Page' feature: it doesn't preserve the page navigation history anymore: This used to be working before but gone some time ago. Would it be possible to bring the feature back? Thanks!
  5. Hello @BugSir009, The new 'Search Tabs' dropdown isn't properly drawn on high-scale screen settings (4k / 150% / Windows 10):
  6. Yesterday I re-installed 3501 over 3600 and re-synced passwords from another computer after. This morning the passwords are back to norm here. I sent you the logs via PM.
  7. Hi @BugSir006. There was nothing special - the build was installed last week and was working fine. Started my computer this morning and found that all the passwords were gone.
  8. Hello @BugSir009, This morning my MX (64-bit) 1112 lost all the passwords in Passkeeper. Please advice.