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* Optimize the tab height
- Fixed Maxnotes url handing problem
- Fixed bookmark opened in wrong position problem
- Fixed flashing window when browser started problem

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2 hours ago, Zura Chelidze said:

Hello everyone, maybe someone knows how to disable secure connection in maxthon.(i mean disable forced redirect from http to https)

Enter mx://net-internals/#hsts
Next, go to the tab: Domain Security Policy
In the "Delete domain security policies" section, enter the domain name and click on the "Delete" button.


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56 minutes ago, Zura Chelidze said:

I can't find it in maxthon this function, this screen from chrome latest version.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 224601.jpg

just go to this
you'll find it

When updating to this latest version I encountered a previous problem 

of Maxthon opening all my previously locked tabs blank


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15 hours ago, OPBlackViking said:

Highlight on Caption Button Incorrect position




Hi OPBlackViking, have informed the team about this and it will be fixed in next version.

10 hours ago, Ernest44 said:

* Optimize the tab height

Where can we access this feature?

Hi Ernest44, this just implies that the developer has made adjustment to the tab height. 

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13 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

Hi Mhzayer, could you check if there is any dump file generated?

Where exactly would those dump files be?


6 hours ago, Chrishall57 said:

Just downloaded beta, has the 'install as app' function been removed?


Do you mean image.png.e2aa5a5ecebcfd8c69cd5ca6aea15d26.png

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9 hours ago, Mhzayer said:

Where exactly would those dump files be?

Hi Mhzayer, kindly go into Task Manager and select 'Details' under the header, search for Maxthon and locate one process that does not have additional parameter. Once located, you could right click on the selected process and click 'Create Dump File'



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