Big LAG cutting screenshot

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4 hours ago, -ody- said:

you mean by using the snap tool ?

it works fine here, no lag

Yes, snap tool.  I have two similar pc with windows 7 64 bit.   Both work good with  With next versions, one pc works good and one LAGS very very much

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I also have win 10 x64, (do not indicate it before), and until the last comment, I thought it could be win 7, but it seems not.

Those of you who have lag, do you have the updated video card drivers?

With a portable version does the same thing happen to you?
(I do not have access to the portable version

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I also confirm that there are no more problems with friezes when creating a screenshot on version
The author of the topic - well done, proved to the developers that the problem really existed and did not depend on the configuration of the computer and the operating system!

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