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  1. If this is the best you can do, I better wait for Maxthon v7 😰 Please !!!!, put in configuration a checkbox to disable maxthon as the default browser and never ask for it again (while the checkbox is activated)
  2. Official website, download the version maxthon_portable_6.1.0.1300_beta_x64.7z, not the latest version
  3. We need a "check box" in options, to activate / deactivate the default browser, as previous versions had and other browsers have
  4. We need a "check box" in options, to activate / deactivate the default browser, as previous versions had and other browsers have
  5. Mathon, already has a quite obsolete nucleus, do not be surprised that it is the reason for it
  6. Yes, and it installs silently, without any kind of warning in 😄 \ Users \ xxxxx \ AppData \ Local \ Maxthon \ Application, when the portable version is still on the original site without any changes. We go that even if you have the portable version, you install if or if the installable version, without permission, and where it has not been told 😞 By the way, the portable version, every time it is run, it keeps asking for permission, I imagine to be set as the default or default of the URL protocol "path maxthon.exe" --mx-url-protocol --mx-name=TwF4 (more characters)==
  7. And of these requests, is something going to be raised? Because part of my data (user / pass) and bookmarks in the QA are trapped there
  8. It could be, but at least integrate the options and tools that were already in MX5, if we do not have the same (or less) than in other browsers My usage experience is still better on MX5 than MX6/chrome
  9. Can you implement a tool to transfer the passwd from mx5 to mx6 locally WITHOUT having to have a maxthon account or anything to do with synchronizing? Also another tool to transfer the QA from mx5 to mx6, in local nothing to synchronize?
  10. Sorry, but, at the risk of being wrong, no extension I found in chrome store, captures outside the browser like maxthon's snap does. There are other integrated features, which I still can't find as they are in maxthon, the status bar, the video tab and the possibility of onsite download that it does, to say a few more. There may be "similar" extensions, but they are not close in my opinion to the ones integrated in maxthon. Finally, I was always on the side of being able to integrate chrome extensions, as well as other features (flags, pass export, etc, ), but not on the condit
  11. Let's see, if there's a telegram group open, what control are you going to have?
  12. Telegram is a single file, it doesn't cost anything to have it in pc, and as a communication tool it is quite good
  13. The alpha 2 version is the same as the alpha ? or they are different versions. In the telegram group I found only If the answer is yes, then I'll say something: The facility hasn't asked me to care about anything at all. Once inside mx6, importing from mx5 is the poorest regarding importing from chrome, firefox and internet explorer, quite pathetic. It only gives you the option to import bookmarks and history, no passwd and no QA, If the extension is compressed (even with .pem certificate) and this extension is NOT in the chrome