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  1. I have not said that it was portable, if not once it was unzipped, it would be launched as if it were (comment so as not to have to explain the whole process). In the same way if it is installed, in the first run of mx6, the same warning from the windows account controller jumps. \maxthon.exe --mx-url-protocol --mx-name-TWFdghxxx= (that last text string does not have to match)
  2. That is the problem, that maxthon wants to stay as default or at most make some other change, and for them it skips the controld accounts windows (as admin obviously, which is the one that can authorize those changes). Responding to doubts, 1- NO, I don't run maxthon as admin, it would be missing more. 2- NO, I don't have maxthon as default, I have another one browser. 3- In other versions of maxthon, there is a box in options for this check, that if it is not checked, it does not try to make said changes (the default, among other things) 4- If someone wants to try, unzip the installer with 7zip, and run it as if it were portable, since I have NOT installed maxthon for quite a few versions.
  3. Let's see if the next alpha/beta will suppress the annoying warning (when starting maxthon): "Do you want to allow this application to make changes to the device?" I guess it has to do with trying to set it as the default browser, which apparently there is no option to disable it
  4. I reiterate the same as the other comments, I don't know what the hell are you talking about on the BSV topic. What I want is a browser, nothing more
  5. That I remember snap does not have its own configuration and looking at it now, I do not see that it can be configured I finally found a substitute for the Maxton capture tool, so I use it less and less
  6. And of these requests, is something going to be raised? Because part of my data (user / pass) and bookmarks in the QA are trapped there
  7. It could be, but at least integrate the options and tools that were already in MX5, if we do not have the same (or less) than in other browsers My usage experience is still better on MX5 than MX6/chrome
  8. Can you implement a tool to transfer the passwd from mx5 to mx6 locally WITHOUT having to have a maxthon account or anything to do with synchronizing? Also another tool to transfer the QA from mx5 to mx6, in local nothing to synchronize?
  9. What I see that doesn't matter mx6 from mx5, is the passwd and the QA. Are you going to implement any tool for that? (I don't want anything to do with cloud sync or anything like that)
  10. It does not make sense to support this technology, even more so when this year 2020 ends its support after 5 years of moratorium
  11. Um, if it wasn't for the fact that the forum says maxthon, I would say, without a doubt, that you are talking about chrome/chromium. There is nothing you have commented on (except maxthon's online account), that doesn't have "already" chrome/chromium. I repeat, what is the added value of MX6?, is that I still don't see where it goes. You have the competition with a browser that is more "maxthon" than yourselves, is that your goal? or is it simply to leave a chrome/chromium with blue colors
  12. Sorry, but, at the risk of being wrong, no extension I found in chrome store, captures outside the browser like maxthon's snap does. There are other integrated features, which I still can't find as they are in maxthon, the status bar, the video tab and the possibility of onsite download that it does, to say a few more. There may be "similar" extensions, but they are not close in my opinion to the ones integrated in maxthon. Finally, I was always on the side of being able to integrate chrome extensions, as well as other features (flags, pass export, etc, ), but not on the condition that maxthon lost its identity, which are those little things that make it different from a chrome + extensions. If it wasn't the case, why would I have to choose maxthon over the chrome itself, what does maxthon give me, without its features, if in the end it is a "minimo" chrome with extensions? Why should I choose maxthon then, when there are already platforms as opera with a much more active development, which also bring chrome extension, or vivaldi?
  13. Let's see, if there's a telegram group open, what control are you going to have?