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  1. Let's see, if there's a telegram group open, what control are you going to have?
  2. Telegram is a single file, it doesn't cost anything to have it in pc, and as a communication tool it is quite good
  3. The alpha 2 version is the same as the alpha ? or they are different versions. In the telegram group I found only If the answer is yes, then I'll say something: The facility hasn't asked me to care about anything at all. Once inside mx6, importing from mx5 is the poorest regarding importing from chrome, firefox and internet explorer, quite pathetic. It only gives you the option to import bookmarks and history, no passwd and no QA, If the extension is compressed (even with .pem certificate) and this extension is NOT in the chrome shop, it is not allowed to be activated (curiously if the charge is unpacked from another chrome installation, it operates or similar, if left) To this I add the post I already put about all that mx6 lacks, to be called maxthon
  4. I'm watching the latest mx6 alphas, and I don't like the way it's going. Basically, if you don't implement the features that defined maxthon, I don't know what will be the reason to choose this browser over any chrome version or derivatives (each one with its own ideas and that define its browser, example of vivaldi, opera etc, to name a few) Losing faith for moments 😞
  5. I'm trying it out at the same time, it seems to be in portable mode. I haven't used the installer. It has left me with a rather cold feeling, as soon as I start it, what appears is a "chrome" appearance, then looking at the settings you can see that they are more or less like in maxthon. It is missing many things that characterized Mathon: - screen capture. - video downloader and control window - status bar with access to volume, double window, zoon, and all the information that was given from the memo, network, cpu etc.. - File Detector I think he needs "a lot" of work to be called "maxthon", otherwise he's just another chrome. Interestingly, the 360Chrome browser is more like maxthon than the maxthon 6 browser itself 😕 And although it is early because it looks like an "alpha" version the languages are a bit mixed. In my case, choosing Spanish, the configuration appears in English and also in Chinese.
  6. Right, you said new core, but @vedicaudio asked: "does the beta version have an updated Chromium core?" So I nuanced the answer
  7. Please, let's not confuse the terms: Yes, it's a new kernel (with respect to the previous 5.2x branch, but it's NOT an updated kernel, let's not confuse the terms, which although they seem subtle, are very different
  8. No, Maxthon last beta uses Chrome 69. No problem with downloads from the page of this same forum. Try to see if it is the antivirus or similar that is preventing the download from being closed.
  9. It is not as "updated" as you think, it has a very old core (more than a year, almost a year and a half)
  10. As you have been told in another post with the same suggestion, I think you should look for information about what an SSL certificate is, and why what you are asking for is not applicable Same here, and more when what I want is a simple "web browser", without telemetries or weird shit (Bitelf style with things I can't even uninstall)
  11. This will be optional? Will there be any way for any user to opt out of the whole bigcoinc, biddata, bigXXX related theme that has the browser built in? We will be able to "be free" to choose if we want such options BIGxxx?
  12. I think exactly the same and I totally agree with what you say. With that dynamic (as others already have), you take a lot of work off your shoulders and focus on the "personal" implementations you want to bring to it from that particular vision. Also the cycles of updates and improvements, especially in the security issue would be, I think, shorter and would be on par with the competition (if we consider maxthon as a competition :-) I think that maxthon (that's why I'm still here) does have some things that stand out from the others you mention. Others have screen captures, but as functional as maxthon's (there are some more that are of this type), capturing not only the web screen, but anything on the desktop. In the video theme, as you say, I still like more how maxthon has it implemented, not for the visualization but for the video download. The split screen that maxthon has, I don't know if with some extension you could have it in chromiun's The change of core (yes, it is already mounted by someone else) That's why I put as an example, because it seems to me that it has almost the best of both worlds. It has the chromiun base as we are talking about, but it has left the Pip, very similar to maxthon, the screen capture, the settings page is almost a copy of maxthon, etc. Maxthon lacks that detail, about the addons, flags etc, that the chromiun platform gives him, but leaving in his irterface, his PiP, current screen capture, etc.
  13. Well, bitelf, it's another chromiun clone (and to my understanding, because of what I've played with it, quite a lot of crap with the LVT theme) and I think you can't get anything good out of it, apart from the whole addon theme and hopefully the flags By the way, the most updated version is a little newer than maxthon's, but quite old with respect to the rest of the browsers Core Version: Chromium 71.0.3578.80 We'll see how all this ends (if it does ) Yes, I figured your comment was in that direction and it was about those kind of clones
  14. Well, that most browsers have a chromiun core, does not automatically make them clones, everything depends on how they do other implementations, as is maxthon or even vivaldi itself, quite different from the "father". As for the path it should take, as you say depends on what users want, which will be those who use the browser. I think it has already been commented here, but for example, , has practically the same appearance of mathon (settings included), but supports chrome extensions Now I'm playing with it a little bit. I may have found the browser jump I needed, too bad many things are in Chinese