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  1. unchek it, if you leave it checked it will do borderless
  2. most probably you are not using exclusive full screen app... hm... you could try kodi (http://kodi.tv) and in the settings > system settings > display > display mode fullscreen and uncheck the "use fullscreen window"
  3., Win7 64 bit / Win10 64bit every time i try to task into fullscreen application (true one, not the fake borderless one) maxthon takes focus for no reason basically, alt + tab to fullscreen app > within a second it tasks back into maxthon > maxthon starts to resize its contents in active tab strangely enough it does not happen if the active tab is "new tab"
  4. Got it~Thanks, bro~

  5. Hello, again, WarDeN. 

    For "can't login with http proxy" problem, Did it solved?

    If not, could you go to "setting" - "proxy" and give me a screenshot?

    our technical staff told me this problem may be in your proxy setting.

    looking forward to your response. Thanks, bro.


    1. WarDeN


      firstly let me correct you ... its not about http proxy, its about http proxy WITH AUTHENTICATION

      secondly, no it is not solved


  6. Could you give me your UID? and I can help you solve the login problem.