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  1. The latest stable version of Chromium should be 103.0.5060.66
  2. And if the core update produces any bugs, we'll be patient. 😇
  3. No, we are with Chromium 96 from Maxthon V6.1.3.500 released on 11/26/2021.
  4. Sorry for repeating but I believe that the priority should always be safety and then functionality. And our version (96) contains serious security bugs. Too much, too much time goes by for the core change. Something has to change quickly in your policy!
  5. I agree with point 1, the worst thing is that they are stuck at Chromium 96 version. 😔
  6. Could you tell me why a file of this size is created?
  7. I understand what BugSir009 says, but also in my opinion "delete" (and copy, cut, paste) must be in the main menu, as Windows want. The convenience and speed that make Maxthon unique should take precedence over the distraction of deleting some user. The additional suggestion to reintroduce the recycle bin as for MX5 is also good. I thank all the developers and all the staff for the maturity that MX6 is reaching.
  8. Have you thought about introducing selective data sync (favorites, maxnote, passkeeper...) as for MX5? Thanks
  9. I also fought to chase the skins. Now I gave up, it is not an option that interests people and therefore do not support it. It was difficult but I got used to the top tabs.
  10. There is no hope for us that we do not know how to change the code.
  11. This topic was important. It always updated the skin for the tabs on bottom, function useful for many people. Unfortunately I'm not able to do it.
  12. Does anyone create the skin for new versions ?
  13. There is a new, official skin, for tabs on bottom on 4.9.2 and later ? Thanks