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  1. It says: will there be a resource sniffer in the sixth version?
  2. I completely disabled ViolentMonkey - scripts have nothing to do with it. No, it doesn't work. We need to find another solution to the problem. ..... I conducted another experiment: instead of the word "Maxthon" in UA, I substituted the word "Magdalene" and it worked! I.e., there is clearly a reaction to the word "Maxthon". What the hell?!?!
  3. I experimented a little: if you remove the entry "Maxthon/" from the user agent line, the chat starts working! Is this how Google eliminates competitors?
  4. No, it doesn't depend on the regional settings. The link to Your video doesn't work either. It is necessary to change something in the line "User agent".
  5. Yes, it started recently, maybe a week ago. Before that, everything worked fine. You're right, most likely there was some kind of update on Youtube. From the above quote, it should have been clear that I have Windows 7 and the browser version is Maxthon / While temporarily changed the user agent content to this (removed maxthon and Opera): Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.1; U; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/86.0.4240.111 Here, for example:
  6. With these settings, user agent - the life chat in youtube does not work. It starts working if you select "Chrome" in the user agent settings".
  7. MaxthonJeff You at least just go periodically to the forum and leave a couple of comments. Immediately some kind of movement begins. In your presence, the "bugger" even with all the newcomers was rewarded.
  8. And on Twitter too
  9. @MaxthonJeff LAST VISITED 4 May Strangely, he does not even look in here and is not interested in what the community is living.
  10. It can be somehow connected with operation of the anti-virus program? For example, the network module of the Kaspersky antivirus, in order to be able to check secure connections (SSL), replaces all other certificates with your own.
  11. Maybe this is due to the invalid certificate ""? Link to the topic: They never updated the date of the certificate. My antivirus program (Kaspersky) still produces messages about the invalid certificate "" (MX v5.2.1.1000).
  12. Прошу подтвердить (или опровергнуть) некорректное отображение главной страницы Яндекса при выборе темы оформления. Тему в Английском разделе создал, но, боюсь, Американские или Китайские версии сайта Яндекса(автогеолокация) не отображают суть проблемы. Там всё дело в том, что разработчики Яндекса у нас в России добавили снизу ещё какую-то панель информационную - из-за неё, похоже, и все проблемы.
  13. Разработчик, похоже, тот же что и у Youtube center, по крайней мере на него about ссылается:
  14. Давайте-давайте, буду благодарен. Аддон протестирую - без проблем!
  15. Не, функционал расширения весьма и весьма... даже переплёвывает по некоторым вещам знаменитый Youtube Center. Например, вот эту фичу по звуку ни у кого не встречал:
  16. A.S. А можно адаптировать для Maxthon вот это расширение из GoogleChrome (YouTube Plus+): У них есть сайт с исходниками: