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  1. Both exe. and portable x64 versions working fine here.
  2. If you go into mx://flags you will find various Tab and tab group pinning settings which are available as options at present.
  3. Thanks. That's new. MX5 Portable didn't update automatically.
  4. You can't update Portable versions automatically. You couldn't in any version of Maxthon. Beta versions don't update automatically either.
  5. Where do you find the Custom Skin feature?
  6. Normally I would leave Hardware Acceleration running. It seems to be a bug with Chrome 88 which is what MX 6.1 is based on.
  7. Can you pin the thread. Thanks. What exactly is a payment address? I don't use crypto currencies.
  8. @BenReiley I had the same problem as you on both MX6 and Chrome 88. That's how I fixed it.
  9. This is an updated thread replacing the previous ones that have been archived. MX 6 only functions on Windows 7 or later. At present (April 2021) it is not possible to change the User Agent in MX 6 using the traditional internal UA modifier/selector so you have to use extensions from the chrome store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/user agent?_category=extensions. The choice is yours. The Qupzilla browser is now obsolete and is no longer being developed but it still functions well in the UA. If anybody wants to suggest a replacement please post it here. We can try them
  10. Turn off Hardware acceleration in settings of MX6. You might have to wait several minutes/ half an hour for MX6 to load. When Hardware acceleration is turned off restart the browser.
  11. I still use MX 5. MX6 is missing far too many features at the moment.
  12. @ Mr. SS Sorry the flag to turn on status bar doesn't appear until Chromium 90. I got confused with my browsers. The side panel flag doesn't seem to do anything.
  13. Where is the sidebar extension mentioned in the Release Notes for Beta. In mx://flags you can enable a sidebar and a status bar but nothing appears in the browser.
  14. @ BugSir006 I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced. Could you provide a video of this issue? Can't provide a video. It seems to work OK in x64 Portable but the x64 .exe version takes over an hour to open (Black screen etc). With Hardware Acceleration off it works fine. I have the same problem with Chrome (87).
  15. I managed to add Google (international) but can't modify or delete the hong Kong version
  16. Mx, 64 bit. Can't add Mx://flags or mx://components etc to favourites (this was working before). Can't use Hardware acceleration. Can't change Google search engine from Hong Kong version (You could change this before)
  17. You can't. You need an extension such as https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/awesome-new-tab-page/mgmiemnjjchgkmgbeljfocdjjnpjnmcg
  18. It isn't at the moment. It's missing far too many standard MX features and functions.
  19. Thanks Zork. Maxthon seem to use the terms Theme and Skin interchangeably.