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  1. Click on the widget cog on New Tab Page (Bottom Right hand corner). Scroll down then disable Top Bar.
  2. You can hide that strip bar in later versions. There were lots of complaints like yours. Don't upgrade to obsolete versions use the latest.
  3. Delete the folder "Bright" in C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application.
  4. Thanks for bringing this feature back.
  5. You'll see the changes listed when you update and open the browser. There's no published changelog at present.
  6. ""You can double click on the bar itself it will take you up and down" But not all the way to the top or bottom as it used to." Solved. I'd disabled the Threaded scrolling Flag. I can't get the quote function to work correctly on the forum. It just posts a blank space. It obviously works for other people. All new releases are here including Portables
  7. "You can double click on the bar itself it will take you up and down" But not all the way to the top or bottom as it used to.
  8. Clicking on the top or bottom of the slider on right hand side of page to go directly to top or bottom of a page doesn't work anymore.
  9. Versions for 7.0.0 series removed. Versions for 7.1.6 series added.
  10. Core updated to Chrome 109.
  11. @Mhzayer "Have you checked your flag settings" The culprit were some Gameloop (an Android Emulator) processes that were still open after it had been closed down.
  12. I've just watched another video on Odysee (another MXGP race from Latvia) and it was fine. It must be my computer.
  13. It's happened 4 times during this race and lots more on other videos on Youtube is fine.
  14. Continually getting crashes (Status Heap Corruption) when watching videos on
  15. I've disabled all extensions and cleared the cache in 2700 and the problem persists. I'm going to try setting mx://flags to default. Update Have reset all the flags to default with all extensions disabled and it works fine. There is obviously a conflict in my flag settings for Chrome 109 and 108. Will try and find the difference later. Will now try with extensions enabled. Update 2700 is working fine with flags at default and extensions enabled. Solved. I'll try and find the conflicting flags. This may take some time I change a lot of flags.
  16. @ BugSir006 Have reverted back to 2600 and will try new download. Thanks. Update Have done clean installs of both 2600 and 2700 (new download see above) x64 Portables. Have copied over User Data folder from 2700 X64 exe version which is working fine. 2600 has no problems, 2700 version continues to have "Status Breakpoint" notification on most pages including MX Settings and Extension Options pages
  17. @BugSir006 All of them including this page. I have to refresh all tabs, sometimes several times. X64 exe is fine. It's just the portable that has this problem. It's also deleting Tampermonkey extension on startup and disabling other extensions such as Adguard and Ublock origin. MX icon in Windows taskbar is blank page. This version is unusable.
  18. Pages failing to load with this message. x64 Portable.
  19. It will reduce the resources used and may help tab shutdown.
  20. This is my JSON for new UA extension Note this is for Win 10/11 useragent-switcher-preferences.json
  21. Thread has been pinned for a long time and cryptos have been and gone.