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  1. @BugSir009 This is what Michael and I are reporting.
  2. Same here. You have to reinstall DDG and it's impossible to delete the version that doesn't work.
  3. links don't open anymore. Work fine in Chrome. Solved. Changed UA back to standard MX UA
  4. 9600 x64 exe is working fine for me at the moment (installed 10 minutes ago). In process of installing X64 Portable now. Portable is also working fine.
  5. This version fixes lots of problems. Thanks.
  6. Is anybody having trouble with Youtube on Maxthon 9200 today? It was working fine yesterday and is working on Chrome today. It's also still working in MX Problem solved.
  7. Can't be an extension issue the browser isn't even opening. I restored 9000 x64 Portable and it's working fine. I have exactly the same extensions in both exe and portable versions and the 9200 exe version is also working fine.
  8. Gone back to 9000 X64 Portable as 9200 will not open correctly and I have to close lots of MX processes using task manager.
  9. There is a problem with X64 Portable. When I try to open browser I just get a small screen saying Sign In. you cannot sign in when pressing on button or dismiss the screen. I don't need to sign in. I only use a Guest account. Exe version works fine.
  10. Google Earth no longer works correctly with this version. It doesn't show details in Layers such as Place names etc. Windows 10.
  11. "Hi grisp1, the developers have just push an updated version this morning. Could you download this version one more time and try again?" Why don't you change the build number when you release an updated version?
  12. Can we use Video Downloader whilst using guest account or do we have to sign in.
  13. is here. The Portable downloads are linked to the wrong file (
  14. Netflix cannot work on Maxthon as it does not contain Widevine . The Developers of Widevine refuse to communicate with Maxthon. Netflix functions only on Browsers which have signed exclusivity agreements with Netflix (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari)
  15. @rick.lane
  16. Chrome is now 123 and about to go up to 124.
  17. available
  18. "Today, when I started it for the first time, Maxton itself opened 2 tabs, which I opened 4 days ago, after which it successfully froze. Through Windows Task Manager, I terminated 3 Maxton processes from 9-11, after which the computer stopped responding. I had to restart Windows using the reset button.This is the second time that this version of Maxton behaves in an incomprehensible way; this did not happen in earlier versions." This has been happening a lot recently with X64 Portable. Not X64 exe. This occurs a lot when using The Guardian website and reading their comments pages.
  20. Same thing has happened to me severs; times when using Guest account. I've had to restore extensions etc from scratch.
  21. released
  22. Intro updated due to addition of internal UA modifier in Settings/Advanced/Experiments.
  23. Versions for 7.1.6 series removed. Versions for 7.1.8 series added