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  1. @Mhzayer Yes. Found Solution. I'm using Local Image. Button appears when using Daily Image.
  2. I'm using V7.0.2.2100. I've just tried forced refresh and the button still doesn't show up on NTP. Taskbar icon is still showing up as a white page.
  3. I'm using V7.0.2.2100. I've just tried forced refresh and the button still doesn't show up on NTP.
  4. @ BugSir009 "Hi Magdalene, this function will appear as a button at the bottom right side. You will be able to switch the wallpaper once you click on the button." The button doesn't show on NTP (x64 exe and x64 Portable)
  5. Show Wallpaper Switcher in NTP settings still doesn't work.
  6. This is my JSON for new UA extension Note this is for Win 10/11 useragent-switcher-preferences.json
  7. Where did you get from?
  8. Thread has been pinned for a long time and cryptos have been and gone.
  9. Confirmed. I have same here sometimes. I also have random crashing and hanging on browser startup, and processes that can't be turned off/closed down after browser closedown or when browser hangs. "Continue running background app after closing Maxthon browser" is turned off. PS there should be a "s" at the end of "app".
  10. @ShallRush Thanks for your post. Have you got a link to Chrome Widevine extension so I can try it out as it has now been removed from Chromium based browsers. https://www.xda-developers.com/google-is-deprecating-widevine-for-chromium/ From here https://chromeunboxed.com/chrome-107-arrives-with-full-hvec-support-and-widevine-deprecation/
  11. You're correct. It should be Snap Zone or Snap Region. I think it used to be the latter.
  12. @Perplexer and Mhzayer Same here. Mx crashes in Win 10
  13. Try clearing your Browser Data. Dark theme is definitely working.
  14. Dark theme for Youtube works fine here.
  15. Updated. Changed recommended UA switcher extension in first post.
  16. Thanks o3Kidz. Did you try the link I posted https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/81460361. What country are you in? Have you tried with a different UA? I assume you are a Netflix subscriber. You posted this Error Code M7121-1331 which was confirmed by other people. I presume you know what that means. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/61874 According to Netflix it should run on chrome 102 and later. Maxthon is not one of their supported Browsers. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/30081 The trailers work fine for me in Chrome, Opera and Edge. They don't work in MX. It is almost certainly an MX core problem.
  17. I've just shown you it doesn't. Stop being a dick.
  18. Are these Netflix problems just with accessing the website or watching Videos/Movies/streams etc? Do the trailers work? I haven't got a Netflix account so can only watch trailers. In Chrome they work fine. In Mx7 even with a modified UA they only play sound for a few seconds then stop. there are no visuals. ie this trailer https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/81460361
  19. Here's my latest JSON file for this extension. Import and type "All" in Domain just choose MX7 as default/ Permanent spoof. Remember to modify the Windows NT number depending on your version of Windows (see here https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/25261-mx-7-mx-6-mx-5-updated-user-agent/ user_agent_export.json
  20. "Show wallpaper switcher" button in New Tab Page settings still doesn't work.
  21. And people who use guest account don't get points (gold) at all
  22. @ Dong Dong Use 3 parallel lines (top right hand corner), Slide down and save as.