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  1. Have the same issue. Also, you can not search for location, or movie, normally it will pop up suggestions as you type. And even if you type the location, and movie correctly you can not search for show times.
  2. It didnt work for me since the past couple (few?) versions.
  3. Zugi replied at 2014-11-12 05:42 Well this is strange! It didn't work in v4.4.3.1000 last week but now it works :-) Finally! Hope thi ... Yea, really strange, it just started working?!? Going to try an older beta and see if it works there... edit: It works in beta which didn't work before... really weird. and beta feels faster than edit2: and lol, after I made that comment and reply in the other thread... it all started to work shortly after...
  4. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-11-1 11:04 Looks exactly the same in Nitro, Chrome 38, Firefox 36 and IE11 so it's a Google problem, not Maxtho ... it doesn't look the same, you might need your eyes checked =P The URL in Maxthon has https://plus.google.com/ in other browser it's https://plus.google.com/photos/######/album/####/etc Also, at the top it's missing Share, , Tag People, Slideshow, More v, , , zoom, and buttons. Furthermore, at the bottom the date, <- , ::: , -> , #of# are missing. and of course the details and comments are missing on the right side too.
  5. Zugi replied at 2014-10-23 02:27 Same problem in MX v4.4.3.800 Beta :'-( I can confirm. when is Maxthon ever going to fix this?