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  1. Thanks for trying to provide a clear answer to my question. I didn't understand the real differences between the two terms. What I really wanted to know was: Assuming that the statement "with the chrome 69 kernel, [the current official version] has all the vulnerabilities that exist to date (current versions are between 79 and 80)" is true, does that statement also apply to the most recent beta version. In other words, can I avoid running a browser with known vulnerabilities by installing the beta version (which I normally would not do)?
  2. So does the beta version have an updated Chromium kernel? I am currently running v5.2.6.1000, and when I use the about-> check for updates function in the browser it tells me "your browser is up to date" even though there are numerous more recent builds available. But whether I try to download the most recent official release or the beta release, the download consistently fails with just a few KB remaining. I've even tried downloading the file with Chrome, but it also fails... How can I get an installation file if Maxthon itself can't download and refuses to update?
  3. Have you tried changing the high DPI display settings?
  4. Today I updated to This reverted my skin to the Maxthon original, which wasn't surprising. Can I go ahead an install the most recent skin package, or do I need to wait for an updated skin package for *each* new MX5 version that is released?
  5. @Wilser, I'm using, had to downgrade for a while because the latest version was causing strange behavior on my PC. @MaxthonDevs, if you are going to support skins, wouldn't it be better to actually have an option within the program to "load" a skin, rather than making the user overwrite files in the Bin folder, which requires admin privleges? It's not a very elegant way to implement this feature.
  6. Surprised that no one has reported this issue yet, which makes me wonder if it has to do with my particular screen resolution (1920x1080). If I open 7 tabs, the 7th tab overlaps with the skins and minimize window icon. This is using the regular Alpha skin. Thanks, Luke