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  1. Thank you migel for your support. What I wrote is very important. Every time a new Maxthon 6 version is released, I remind you of these features. So I write my request in file manager and number of tabs. Thanks BugSir006 forwarding it to the MX production team every time. We look forward to the arrival of these features.
  2. Thank you BugSir006. I love you as I love Maxthon.
  3. Let me add one more thing. 3- The number of opened tabs should not be limited to 8. The number of tabs to be opened should either be selected by the user, or the number of opened tabs should be 15-20. So it should be optional. Because when the tabs opened on the right overlap, it is difficult to find the tab and causes a waste of time. This was the case in a version of the MX 6, but later this feature was removed for some reason. Increasing the number of tabs is a good choice in my opinion. Thanks.
  4. Dear BugSir006 and Maxthon managers; I would like you to add the following features to Maxthon 6. I think it would be better this way. Thanks in advance. 1- It will be better if the icon of the File uploader in the top menu appears as the upload percentage, not the blue bar. So we will understand how much it loads. In addition, if the file upload is interrupted, broken, if the upload stops, this icon should be red. Just like the MX 5. Otherwise, if we do not click the icon, we think that the installation continues. This wastes us time. 2- There should be a "Download" option in the upper right corner of the videos. The link sniffing option is nice. but it is insufficient. If these happen, be sure the MX6 will be super. I love MX. Thank you for your interest.
  5. Thank you BugSir006. I uploaded the file. It really improved. Thank you very much. Health to your hands
  6. Hello My problem resurfaced. When I used the MX, when the mouse hovered over the favorites, the MX6 would turn itself off before I made a selection. Thankfully, BugSir006 helped. The problem was solved by deleting the extra links in the Favorites column. But now after installing Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.3300 same trouble started. The MX6 turns itself off when the mouse is scrolling through the frequent users column. I deleted all the extra links in the favorites. My system is Windows 10 Pro x64 Graphics card Geoforce Gx Latest version. Direct X 11 installed. Notebook. The crash file is attached. Also attached is the favorites file. Thanks BugSir006 and friends who will help. This made me sad and depressed. I've never used the MX6. I had to switch to the MX5. It was boring to me too. Backups.zip bookmarks.7z Crashpad.zip
  7. Hello I am using Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.3200 and V6.1.2.3300 My system is Windows 10 Pro X64 Notebook I ran into a very strange situation. I want to type capital letter T i.e. Shit t It doesn't write capital letter t. This feature was not available in older versions. Also, Word does not work on notepad, Facebook, tweeter. It only happens on Mx V6.1.2.3200. and V6.1.2.3300 I wonder why.? Thanks for helping.
  8. Hi BugSir009 Thank you very, very much for your interest. I am sending you the crash file. But I don't know how to detect the amount of data used for your bookmarks. c:\Users\My Name\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data\Profile 1\Backups\ and c:\Users\My Name\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\\webui\ I am sending two files. Thanks a lot for your help. Note: I installed Mx5.3.8.2100-beta at your request. bookmarks.7z BookMarks.zip Crashpad.zip
  9. Today I installed the new version maxthon x64. But I wouldn't have installed it. Because it completes the normal installation, I open it. I sync my account. Also, I did a clean install. Then when it comes to the favorites column, as soon as you slide the mouse down, the mx6 turns itself off. I tried 2-3 times, same thing happened. I just had to upgrade to Mx5.3.8.2100-beta. Why does the MX 6 do this? My system: Win 10 Pro x64 Geforce GTX 950 M I specifically installed the latest version. Direct x latest version installed. Fromeworkler is installed. I wonder if the MX 6 is incompatible with the system.
  10. Thank you Magdalene. But unfortunately it didn't. I still cannot access my mailbox. I will think of other solutions. Thanks anyway