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  1. Hello; I'm using Windows 10 Pro I installed Maxthon latest version Maxthon Browser V6.2.0.900. Free VPN feature has been introduced in this version. Thanks for this feature. How do we activate this feature? I agreed to install VPN in the first install option. I couldn't find it in the settings and addons. Thank you
  2. Hello, I would like to see the current topics in the Mx6 questions and discussions forum, that is, the most recently written topics. The forum I opened shows the year 2020. This is old information. What should I do to see my new threads at first. I searched a bit but couldn't find it. Thank you
  3. Yes, I finally solved my problem dear Bigsir009: The solution was very simple. The problem was in the settings. I tried the options one by one and restarted. Finally happened. I am very happy. Thank you so much for guiding me. Your saying to install the portable version and try it gave me an idea. I did it and it worked. Now the videos are working. Many thanks to you and the software developers.
  4. BugSir009 Hello. Thank you very much for your answer. But unfortunately it didn't. Still can't play videos on WhatsApp. 1- I turned off all plugins. It didn't help. 2- Site information on the right of the address bar, all permissions are open, that is, permission is granted. No restrictions. I noticed something new. Maxthon also settings site information as seen in the picture. However, the picture of whatsApp site settings in Google chrome is as follows. Maxthon and Chrome are distinctly different. Chrome has 26 permissions while Maxthon has 7 permissions. I'm guessing this is the fault of Maxthon.
  5. Dear Maxthon executives; I am using Maxthon Browser version V6.1.3.3100. My system is PC Window 10 Pro. My problem is: Unable to play videos on WhatsApp web. You can see the photo of the relationship. The same video plays on the mobile phone. This situation did not exist in the previous version. It's in the new version. It also plays on Google Chrome. So I think the problem is in Mathon, not PC. Thank you and special thanks to you BugSir 006. https://resimyukle.io/r/410Qn0NTEd
  6. Thank you Magdalene. But unfortunately it didn't. I still cannot access my mailbox. I will think of other solutions. Thanks anyway
  7. Teşekkürler. Programı gittikçe geliştiriyorsunuz. Başarılarının devamını beklerim.
  8. Vi auguro un orologio piacevole per i film.
    Non capisco quello che scrivi qui è perché.
    Hai a che fare con Maxthon?
    Romanza saluti rosa