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  1. I'm confused. Maybe I've got the names mixed up or the names have changed since MX5. I'd like to import my notes into MX6 so that I can see them when I hit CTRL+G, the same as MX5. Is that possible? Going to another page in another tab is not the same and seems less convenient.
  2. OK, thanks. So how do I get my imported notes into MaxNote because they are only being displayed in QuickNote and not being compiled together?
  3. Hello, thanks, but the issue is there are no Notes when I use CTRL+G - the window pops-up (see image):
  4. OK, I restarted and it seems passwords are appearing in Passkeeper now. However, CTRL+G brings up Notes but there are no notes. But Notes do appear if I visit mx://note/
  5. I can confirm that pre-roll ads have been appearing on Youtube for the last month or so. Just tried reinstalling, no change. I haven't noticed issues with other websites.
  6. Trying to import passwords and stuff from MX5 into MX (portable) without success. It just says 'Syncing'. I left it for around 1.5 hours - nothing happened. Also, is it possible to continue using MX5 without loss of Notes, passwords etc, after importing to MX6?