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  1. Thank you. Didn't work unfortunately. I whitelisted: maxthon.exe mxStart.exe mxAppLoader.exe And I tried excluding the whole Maxthon folder. Another tactic I tried was to instruct MX to open four web-pages using the command-line. It began loading the web-pages in turn but again, around the time it opened the Last Session page it was closed by MBAM.
  2. MX v5.3.8.2100 Windows 10 Pro Hello Installed Malwarebytes (MBAM) yesterday. Today, when I open MX5, it is blocked and closed by MBAM around the time the "Last Session" page opens. It is necessary to End Task in Task Manager after it is blocked. (Maxthon is consuming "High power".) The report is pasted below. The report appears to be the same one reported on September 5 in the Maxthon Francophone section here https://www.maxthon-fr.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12582-connexion-compte-google-impossible/ (French language). Can I whitelist MX in MBAM or should I be concerned?