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  1. Seems to be working fine now (next day). Might have been the system that just didn't like the update initially.
  2. I started noticing that Twitch, Plex and YouTube seems to either lag or buffer for some reason now. Since the last update from yesterday (or whenever it was). Twitch and Plex much more than YouTube though. PC Build: Ryzen 2700x 16 gb ram MSI RX580
  3. Thanks! Saved me from clicking on those by accident!
  4. Any plans to implement that? Would be super useful.
  5. Hi. Seeing I can't post anywhere else ? Posting my question here I guess: How do you modify the icon placement? Ie. I want to remove the "Restore" icon altogether, and move the "Reload This Page" icon to the right of the url bar. Among other things, but I see no way of doing this.