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  1. I think they have it fixed because when I came back after being gone for several hours, I was still signed in.
  2. Ok, we are all aware of that and -ody- has contacted the author about uploading the skins to this new forum and it will be up to that person whether they will do it or not, so just sit back and relax and wait for the results.
  3. Go to the old forum and download from there.
  4. There are some systems that, even though you have everything set correctly, usernames and passwords will not be remembered. For example, there are a couple of banks that I use that don't do it and yes, it is aggravating. Don't know if your University does that, but that may possibly be the answer to your problem.
  5. 7twenty so how did he write the post above?? It was only a "guess" since he said it didn't work in Chrome either.;P
  6. UFO106 replied at 2015-4-10 05:23 I've now tried to use the default UA and updated Maxthon version ( , but it still doesn ... Maybe it's a "spacebar" issue?
  7. MartinB replied at 2015-4-5 12:23 Thanks for Your answer. But with another program I got the same message - here's the link : It is no longer considered safe and they recommend you download another email client.
  8. dubaidames replied at 2015-3-28 17:14 Can Some One Tell Me What Is Arrow Vanished The back arrow is the arrow on your toolbar that points to the left. And if there is no history on the tab, the back arrow will be gray color. If there is history on the tab, the back arrow will be a dark black.
  9. 30249689 replied at 2015-3-28 18:10 I have tested that too ! no success. after all.. I found out that the problem is with my windows ... But of course you had to blame Maxthon first.
  10. iruu replied at 2015-3-11 18:39 Hi there, OK. Oliver One has made me realise it does still exist as Ctrl+f1 works. My question n ... Can you post a screen shot of what your drop down menu looks like please?
  11. No problem here. Just watched the entire video in 1080p60HD in full screen mode and not the slightest glitch
  12. It's an application load error. Did you just install something new?
  13. michigeo replied at 2015-3-8 19:19 @7twenty It won't run because the drive is in use by the system... Have you tried running chkdsk from a COLD start, just just a restart? If that doesn't work, try running it from a Command Prompt with this parameter: chkdsk /f C:
  14. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-6 20:53 Can you provide some links to some pages with webm media that has caused the issue apart from youtub ... Same here on 12231
  15. UFO106 replied at 2015-3-6 03:28 Could the next version of Maxthon (5) be based on Chrome in some way? I think you are missing a lo ... If everyone wants Maxthon to be like Chrome, then why don't eveyrone just use Chrome instead of Maxthon?
  16. odyssee replied at 2015-3-7 03:26 devs told us they're are working on it... but unfortunately they also told us that it might take som ... I've aged considerably since they told us that. ;P
  17. If there is no history on the first tab, there is no Back arrow because there is no where to take you.
  18. michigeo replied at 2015-3-6 10:21 Indeed it is not related to maxthon, but this folder is the only one that is affect by bad sectors ... Sounds like you have a real problem. How old is your computer?
  19. 17378695 replied at 2015-3-5 09:10 Hello. Anybody? Somebody? Did you read post #6 by BugMiss006 and try what she suggested? Please do that and let us know the result. It seems that we cannot duplicate your problem which is why it's difficult to diagnose and must be done one step at a time.
  20. DeHARcO replied at 2015-3-5 03:40 Good day, thanks for the reply. Everything working fine now As of now, NO, Whatsapp can only be used on Chrome.
  21. odyssee replied at 2015-3-4 07:06 just an idea : in task manager, close all maxthon running process before you try to delete those fil ... He already did that. See post #5
  22. michigeo replied at 2015-3-3 16:04 Thanks a lot for the help but that solution did not work for me! I closed every instance of maxtho ... Try to delete it from the BIN folder in your Program Files. 12143
  23. 7twenty Separate window? As in it's own app or just a new browser window? I'd guess you have a Kindle app of some type installed if that is the case. Yes, I do have the Kindle App reader installed. So I tried to read it within the browser, and like you 7twenty, have no problem. 12140
  24. 17378695 replied at 2015-3-3 19:32 Strangely enough when I hit the ABOUT button on the browser it says I am up to date. I have no probl ... Are you trying to read a particular book or are you just trying to log on to the Reader site to download a book? When I open the Kindle reader app, it doesn't open in the browser, but in its own separate window. But then I'm on Windows 10 so that may have some bearing.
  25. michigeo replied at 2015-3-3 16:04 Thanks a lot for the help but that solution did not work for me! I closed every instance of maxtho ... Then I suggest you un-install and re-install Maxthon.