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  1. Hi, is SYNC possible?? Hoping for an answer., With regards : MartinB
  2. Hi, where ist the Version - thread???? Martinb
  3. Hi, how can I use a popup-Blokker? Thanks for Your answer Martinb Oh, got it !!!!
  4. To BugSir006 : Hello, thanks for Your answer. It is not possible to send a video. But it is as described: after calling a program from the favorites page, Maxthon is closed without further notice. A new start of Maxthon and furthermore calling up a program from the favorites page then works! With regards!
  5. Always : 1 start the Computer 2. start 3. choose one of the favorites 4.. chrash !! 5. Once again from Point 2 - then its OK !! With regards!
  6. @Mhzayer Hi a very intereting Test with CSS3test !! So I'll stop working with some Browsers (PaleMoon, Maxthon5,...) But the 74% in Firefox don't convince me! MartinB
  7. Hi in the morning I read about Ver. 2500 - but where are the infos about 250 just now ? gone? With regards
  8. Hi, can the data of the favorite page from version 1900 to 2100 be adopted? Or: In which file are the data from the Favorite page are saved? I look forward to your answer Martin
  9. Hi,

    is there a completion date of Maxthon 6 ?? Looking forward to an answer!

    With regards : Martin

    1. BugSir006


      Hi Martin, I can not confirm the specific date. But we will release the beta version as soon as possible, probably in this month.

    2. MartinB


      Thanks for Your answer !

  10. last century ???? But now without fun: I cannot imagine that the new browser version on win7 runs. With greeting!
  11. WHO IS WORKING FOR/WITH win7 home basic sp1 ?????
  12. Hi, I don't see the recommendation to take Pale Moon. In my opinion, Maxthon 6 should be waited for. Otherwise, I recommend the following articles.