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  1. Hey I know what Maxthon 6 really needs...they need a custumize user agent string option and a brand new set of thing that says "which setting of Maxthon 6 do you prefer,Maxthon 6 settings or Maxthon 5 settings".With these types of settings,we'll be able to change the user agent.Also,the Maxthon 6 setting,needs a little tiny bit of fixing.As for the Maxthon 5 setting at Maxthon 6,it needs the classic Maxthon 5 features now including your themes uploaded from your computer as well.Resource Sniff needs to have a red dot and then it disappears just like Maxthon 5 did.The setting also needs a side bar just to make it feel more like Maxthon 5 even without any updates at all.My final thing....please please please please make Maxthon 5.3.2200 as well as the new Maxthon 6 beta with the two setting options so that way users can choose whenever they wanted to have either the Maxthon 6 setting option or the Maxthon 5 setting option.
  2. Hi,it would be the very best if Maxthon could create one final version of Maxthon 5 just to fix this issue called Maxthon 5.3.2200 just to fix the issue involving the Tumblr log in issue
  3. You know what I think....I think Maxthon 6 should have Adblockplus,a sidebar and the old classic bins from Maxthon 5.
  4. YouTube,DeviantArt and Tumblr both needed to be fixed at Maxthon 5 right now.I don't care if it's discontinued or in the legacy thing.Either you guys transfer all the classic bins from Maxthon 5 to Maxthon 6 or I'm going to ####ing sue you for five hundred thousand dollars.Also..either you fix those mother ####ing issues on Maxthon 5 or I will sue you,Maxthon staff.


    This is what was supossed to be.png

    It won't load up.png

    The groups are loaded up.png


    That's better.PNG

  5. You're quite welcome.Hopefully GreaseFork and ViolentMonkey would do great together..GreaseFork can do the scripts for both Tumblr and DeviantArt in case of the load up issues and ViolentMonkey installs the scripts.If the Microsoft Edge thing does work..then it'll be a success.If not,then it's gonna be a big fat fail.
  6. Trust me...Microsoft Edge works well.Remove the QupZilla one from the user agent and replace it with Microsoft Edge more like I did here Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ MaxtNon/6.1 Chrome/91.0.4472.124 Edge/91.0.864.59
  7. That's great...thanks^^ Also...try the Microsoft Edge one...it'll be a great replacement though.
  8. That was really great.I have an outstanding issue to deal with..and it's about DeviantArt,it needs to load up the groups.As for Tumblr and other websites...how can the members of Maxthon create a user agent that allows Maxthon 5 to act more like an up to date version of Microsoft Edge,Google Chrome and Maxthon 6 without the words "You're using an unsupported browser.Please upgrade/update your browser"on the websites like Deviantart,YouTube,Google and even on Tumblr.
  9. Maybe if Maxthon 6 had AdBlockPlus on there...then,it'll be fine.
  10. I also hope this could fix the "This web browser is not supported" issue at Tumblr and other websites including Tubi
  11. Maybe Maxthon 6 should also have an option that allows other users to turn off flash for our safety.Also...the website Sockshare.io didn't even show the images and the videos.It needs to be fixed
  12. Can Maxthon 6 have a feature known as "SSL Certificate Editor" when users like myself can change the expiration dates of the websites that would be expired and/or have already been expired.
  13. Hi,


    I really wish I could convert and download videos from YouTube and DailyMotion form both Online Video Conveter and Converto.io.Please fix those issues and please make Online Video Converter convert and download videos from YouTube and DailyMotion please

    Error...go away please.png

    No more errors please.png

    Please make it faster please.png

  14. Maxthon,could you please fix my passport and its log in please....it keeps on disconnecting....please fix it please.

  15. I updated the user agent....thank you,Maxthon staff^^