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  1. Hello again, i followed 7twenty guide to do a more in depth test and the results are good, i mean i wasn't able to crash it but i couldn't find the cause either because i could not crash it at all. Altho i did delete 1 file which i will tell you later on which one was. First i download MX latest portable version in order to have a clean start and avoid doing many steps of troubleshooting, then i disabled all extensions and started doing some stress test with lots of streaming youtube tabs, webM and some heavy blogs. MX was working fine with no problem at all. I then open up Firefox which i thought it would cause it to crash if i had both browsers streaming videos and it didn't, i could still add more tabs with streams in MX with no problem. Then i said, fck it im gonna stress it even more and open one more MX ( the installed one ) which i know that crashes and i will force it to crash. Nope, it wasn't crashing either with 3 browsers running and taking up almost all my memory it could not crash, it even reached the highest temp that never had so far all these years of 70c, so hot that you couldnt touch the touchpad, and yet it wasn't crashing. So, what was the reason for crashing before and wasn't able to do so now ? was it fixed because of the file i deleted ? you tell me, because i don't know. when i downloaded portable i did a file check with the installed one to spot any useless files that kept undeleted from previous installs that might had something to do with it and the installed one had 2 different java version .dll's inside webkit Np folder, one for 14.0 and a 16.0. the file i deleted was the 14.0 obviously. any thoughts ?
  2. ok this is getting weirder everytime, i went to the blogs that crashed it the first time with 20+ ads blocked btw... and nothing happened either, so i got confused. then i tried to backtrack my previous actions. what was is missing ? ff open with pg container running. i opened ff went to youtube, load a video to play just to activate pg container and let stopped at the end where you get similar videos suggested, didnt close it. then i went back to maxthon, open the link of /wsg category and just open a k-pop post as a new tab, it was still playing them fine. ok so far nothing happens, im missing something i thought, maybe i need to fill up all my memory to make my laptop no responding. then i remember i had maxthon as well open in youtube in other tabs. mx new tab youtube play a random video and move it to end as well, new tab youtube again but this time right click on a video and open in new tab, it never started.... laptop stopped responding there... memory left to use as i had it shown in bottom of mx was above 1500mb. in other words, i have no clue now whats going on, but having ff pg container running and maxthon tabs with video streams either stopped or playing makes my laptop to stop working. that was the cause last time as well, the only difference was that i had the youtube play first and then went to view /wsg webM. Conclusion, if someone who has firefox as well installed, please try this as well: 1. have ff open and a youtube video finished playing but dont close the tab. 2. move to mx open youtube and have a video finished playing as well, same dont close the tab. 3. in a new tab open again youtube and right click open a video in a new tab. if it loads and plays fine then ok, stop it and leave it open. 4. in a new tab go to /wsg and open in new tab k-pop or comic thread and try hover any webm i did the same steps more than 3 times. if i do not open ff then mx plays everything fine, if i have ff pg container running then mx cant handle streams for unknown reason.
  3. no problem here either , and this is weird. last time it happen twice while i was hovering over these. as for my system, it can play fine webM files and have no problem with other browsers like opera and firefox when visiting the same links that crash maxthon. ill go visit the blogs that were doing it also and see if it still does it, then come back to edit the post with links for u to check them so we can pinpoint the cause, which now im thinking is when there are more than 1 active streams, like 1 from ads and 1 from current playing. (this scenario fits youtube as well)
  4. it is not the video, it is the ads that keeps doing it. and the first time on youtube it was the ads and that is why you could not find any errors, because everyone has his own ads shown. Mine for example are web game ads, and that is why youtube center fixed this, because it removed all ads from youtube. now as a reference to webm files you can use 4chan gif section, ill post a link with non offensive material (sort of) http://boards.4chan.org/wsg/thread/577186 before you watch any of these make sure to press settings on top right in the page and go to multimedia. check image expansion - image hover - un mute webm, save, then try mouse over any images. edit: changed the link to non offensive, with one from a worksafe category that totally forgot about
  5. Few months ago i posted a thread about youtube freezing my laptop. no solution found then except to add YePpHa/YouTubeCenter which made youtube a way better place than it is and fixed the problem i had on youtube. i kept using the maxthon but only with web games which is why i installed it in the first place even tho i liked it a lot and wanted to use it all the time. (didnt want to come across the same error again) with the latest update i noticed on change log that there was a core crash fix and wanted to try it more and not just gaming. it was still doing it, but this time i figured out what was the cause and not just "youtube". whenever i visit certain sites that contains .webm auto playable files with audio, my laptop just stops working. (not crashing) i dont know why this is happening and it doesnt happen with all, it happens on every second one i view. (dunno why). All the times (3 actually all from different sites), the site was showing ok at first and was doing it either on page refresh or while moving forth and back in its threads. im using win7 64 with Maxthon Cloud Browser V4.4.4.2000 p.s.1 Do not ask me for crash report, there is no file since its not crashing but freezing... i have to manually shut down and boot up again and the only error report is the unexpected reboot. p.s.2 I will continue using it for the games and only, unless there is an update that fixes this, which im sure it wont happen because who can believe that a program is capable of doing so instead of simple crash and have report to see the error.