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  1. Thanks Ytwenty. I'll watch and see but yes I sounds like it might not be terribly vital to keep switching on and off but at least I know in case. Mantley I'd be happy to give it a shot with the new Adblock and let you know. Thanks again.
  2. Folks I owe you all a ton of apologies. I simply was not "seeing" your responses. Too stupid a mistake to go into but forgive me. Now that I have I have tried the following:- As per 7twenty - I logged out and it didn't work and tried the portable version and same. I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest and it didn't work. Lastly I did disable the GPU Hardware and it worked like a charm. Thanks BugMiss006 Just curious.... I am assuming it was a useful thing to enable. Can you share what was the trade off for giving it up for the Kindle Reader (and yes it opens in the browser) that way I can just turn it on when I am not using Kindle. And last just in case it helps another Mantley asked why would have I disabled Adhunter for an email problem. My answer is I have no clue. I posted the problem and eventually that suggestion fixed it. The issue was simple but terribly annoying. If I posted a link in an email, it didn't work like a hyperlink when the recipient got it. It had to be copied and pasted in their browser. Turning off adhunter cured it. THANKS TO YOU ALL ESP FOR YOUR PATIENCE WHEN I DIDN'T REALISE YOU WERE ANSWERING. APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO.
  3. Hello Folks. t Just checking back to try to keep the post alive as I haven't solved the issue yet. Thanks
  4. Hello Again Not sure if I should just start a new thread with the query. But sending another request here before doing that. Hope to hear from anyone. Thanks folks.
  5. Hello again Disconnected the 3 extensions I had. Ad Hunter was already off (due to other problems it created in the past with email) and the problem remains. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  6. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-3-3 17:03 Are you trying to read a particular book or are you just trying to log on to the Reader site to do ... I am trying to read any of the many books I have access to on all the other browsers I used. I've tried the link on another 3 browsers and they all work but not with Maxthon. I get just a plain black screen.
  7. Strangely enough when I hit the ABOUT button on the browser it says I am up to date. I have no problem taking the advice and updating...I usually do update but forgive me if I want to know the thinking behind it. Meaning are you saying the sudden problem with KINDLE CLoud Reader is because I don't have the latest browser? And do you have any idea what link I am to provide based on the request in the same reply. No one as mentioned that. Sorry for the questions just need to understand.
  8. Sorry you misunderstood my reply. I already have the latest version I don't need a link to the download in the reply above. The email above asked ME to provide a link. And that is what I don't understand. What link should I provide? And how? Thanks
  9. Hello Thanks My browser indicates that I am up to date. The version I have is V. I am sorry but I am not sure what is meant by "can you provide us with a link" A link to..??? Thanks again JC
  10. Hi Maxthon is my preferred browser but unable to open Kindle Cloud Reader in the browser for about a week now. Had no troubles before and at the moment other browsers are able to do so. Any idea how I can fix this. Thanks much.