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  1. Here: Some graphs and tables are missing for some reason, even if ad blocker is disabled on this website. Maxthon version on PC :
  2. For youtube, you can have clipconverter script for greasemonkey plugin, or YouTube Center plugin: For dailymotion, you have the resource sniffer tool at the toolbar, and you can also right click the video and choose "save as". Not sure about the others. Of course, it will be great to have the download button work for all videos.
  3. The noAds plugin was the one I've searched for. Thanks. Still, could be nice to be able to block things using the built in ad blocker feature.
  4. BTW, there was a plugin (I think it was called "removeIt") that I could choose exactly what to block on the webpage. Not just images, but HTML tags. I tried to find it on the extensions website, but I didn't succeed. Anyone know how to get it? I wish it was a part of the ad blocking, because currently I can't even add images to the ad blocker rules.
  5. Version: of Maxthon for PC. Try those websites on Maxthon and Chrome: Also, try to press "Gradle" button on those websites. On Chrome, it actually shows what it should. In my case, opening Bintray website sometimes show an annoying dialog that keeps appearing each time I close it. Attached image to show it.
  6. Nice. Hope to see it rise again, and set a new bar of how web browser should work.
  7. Not only that, but some websites actually behave or look better using specific UA . Some even have annoying banners saying you should replace your web browser.
  8. ok, thank you for considering it. BTW, what has happened with maxthon ? I remember times of a lot of changes, and now I can barely anything new. Even for the behind-the-hood, I don't see it shine on HTML5 support as it used to be... Are there any news about it?
  9. OK, but it could also be nice to have it built in, as it's like the translation tool (both convert things).
  10. Again, I don't want to visit a website, which I already do, for conversion of currencies. I would like to do it as fast as possible, without the hassle to go to a website and type the numbers.
  11. When visiting on ebay and other websites, they usually show the currency in dollars or even on other types of currency. Each time I'm curious about a product, I have to use Google's website to convert to my country's currency (which is Shekels). For example, I type "100 dollars to shekels" , and get this: I'd like to have a tool, built in, for converting the selected text to the currency of my choice, or even do it automatically. You could even add it inside the translator tool, as this is a special kind of translating (more like: translating is a type of conversion, between languages) ... This script might be useful:
  12. This could be a nice addon, plus we could use it to set a customized UA per website.