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  1. michigeo replied at 2015-3-6 07:21 Indeed it is not related to maxthon, but this folder is the only one that is affect by bad sectors ... @7twenty It won't run because the drive is in use by the system...
  2. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-3-6 08:43 Sounds like you have a real problem. How old is your computer? Yes is seems that I have quite a handful with this problem! My computer is a laptop Dell inspiron 5423 14z Ultrabook which I bought at 9/2012
  3. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-4 20:11 Have you tried a disk check? This PC > right click the drive > Properties > Tools > Error Checking > ... Indeed it is not related to maxthon, but this folder is the only one that is affect by bad sectors on the disc, and chkdsk is not running when I restart the machine...
  4. Sorry guys unlocker didn't work either and MxUp.exe in the bin folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon\Bin is respawning after a while from the deletion...
  5. odyssee replied at 2015-3-3 12:48 if you are connected to your passport, and if you synced your datas, close maxthon and then you ca ... Thanks a lot for the help but that solution did not work for me! I closed every instance of maxthon even from the tray nut still I cannot delete the folder in the appdata !
  6. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-3-3 09:50 You can safely delete that file. It's the one that checks for newer versions of Maxthon, but the la ... the problem is that because the file is missing or it is corrupted I cannot delete the folder, it prompt's me to try again!
  7. Hello everyone! I am using Version: OS: 6.1.7601.Service Pack 1 IE: 11.0.9600.17633 And I constantly get the warning of a crash report of the MXUp.exe locatted in the folder MxUpIni located in the \AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Temp\MxUp. the folder in question appears to be corrupted and inaccessible. Is there any way to fix that? It is really frustrating because I get the popup of the crash even at time that I am not using maxthon....