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  1. I am back to Maxthon version 5 guys. I did not find the MX6 successful. It would be better if they perfected version 5 instead.
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  2. Totally agree! MX5 is feature rich and highly customizeable. MX6 is only Chrome clone. :( MX5 on modern core will be total win!
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  3. Hi there, this known bug is still being analzyed.
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  4. An earnest request to Maxthon of adding 'DirectWrite' to mx://flags/ .
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  5. I came across Max6 in portableappz website and trying it out for the last few days. Really like it and so I join the community to share the views of Max6 fans. I'm from Australia, retired and interested in playing around with chromium-based browsers.
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  6. Thanks Zork. Maxthon seem to use the terms Theme and Skin interchangeably.
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  7. why is it necessary to join somewhere else to get this version - is this not the official forum of Maxthon - you have testers here and a by invite only tester section - what point does that serve if you push versions to anyone who joins the Telegraph group which is effectively public
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  9. Hello.. i have found the wording for this particular thing i wanted in maxthon 6.. it is called the "dedicated search box" (or just search box) i hope you add it in maxthon6 ...cause i always used it in maxthon5... there is where i learned it the first now i see other browsers have it also.. Slim browser and opera has them.. i dont know if chrome has it cause i do not use chrome.. i do use slim browser and opera though for my different accounts and email opening.. for youtube i use different browsers and for my emails so i dont have to log in and out just click and BOOM! im in... with no
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