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  1. Why I used IDM to download the new MX version, and the file name is not the same as the URL file name? And some times, I click the download link, and IDM pops twice. The issue is from IDM or MX?
  2. Installed MX7 on fresh system (win11), I believe Bright VPN came with MX as extension. Right after installation I removed this extension (never accepted any permission). But after every re-open of MX7 it is coming again, asking for permissions. Also it is sitting windows taskbar settings (I uninstalled it from windows, but anyway). What is it? MX7 coming with virus?
  3. Whats up with the direct url suggestions that cannot be deleted by clicking the X button on the right side ? These started popping up lately and cannot be dismiessed. They seem like forced advertisement, since they are from websites i don't visit.
  4. When I watch the YT video at MX7.x over 20~60mins or more(randomly) The youtube video will stop for a short time, and I will see the screen go to all black. Then the monitor refreshes the screen. my OS is Win10 22H2 update to date. 64G RAM, VGA is NVidia The current MX7 is
  5. Can the MX team reduce the URL bar to QA distance? If the top to QA width can be as MX6 QA is ok. or shortly. my MX7 is but it's too wide for the distance. In the 16:9 NB screen or small resolutions monitor, the QA is not ok to access. I need to screen down to access the lower side icon.
  6. Can I know if the next version can support changing the QA temperature location by myself or manually selecting the location? The issue is that the default ISP IP location is not my current location. This is not ok for everyone to understand the weather.
  7. The last couple weeks a trange bug appeared. Everytime I start MX6 and MX7 it opens the MSN page. I change the setting to "New tab", but upon restarting Maxthon, it goes back to "Customize" and with the url "http://www.msn.com/?pc=&ocid=DHP&osmkt=en-us" entered in the box below. Tried deleting the url, changing the setting, get the "Settings saved" message, but again, upon restart it goes back. I even updated to the version, still the same situation.
  8. Windows 11 x64. Maxthon https://www.pocket-lint.com/cars/news/volkswagen/163988-vw Rather than a nice carousel at the top of this page with a single image in view, I get all the images laid out one by one, obscuring the content. I've seen similar odd behaviour in the last couple of days on both Facebook and Instagram, so am sure it's a browser rather than site issue.
  9. I had a powerloss (meaning no clean shut down), and now I can't sign in to my Maxthon account in browser (Win x64), it returns error: -118 net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT What's strange, is that if I type incorrect password - it will return corresponding error, so authentification server should be reachable. So I proceed without signing in (and loosing access to my tabs and favorites), but a lot of sites are unreachable too, like gmail.com with same ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT! It works fine in Chrome. More over, all works fine on other PC in another network. So I've tried to reinstall Maxthon with deleting user data, but problem remains. It's as if there is some broken DNS cache, or Maxthon silently tries to use proxy or whatever. Any suggestion on how to proceed? I've been using this browser for almost 20 years, but if I won't be able to login to my account and use sites normally on my working PC, I'll be forced to migrate elsewere.
  10. Dear Maxthon users, You may already know that we are developing next major update of Maxthon browser, Maxthon 6. Here I want to share something information about it, including its value proposition, and how we will develop it. Value proposition: For existing Maxthon users, Mx6 will keep all Maxthon5 data and implement most useful features from mx5, and providing much better website compatibility, full chrome addon support, useful chrome features. For all users, Mx6 will be the world first Bitcoin powered browser, enabling users to explore and participate the next generation of internet - Metanet. More information about metanet can be found at bitcoinsv.com . Develop: The main browser features of mx6 will be developed based on a deeply customized chromium code base and existing mx5 codebase. All bitcoin related features will be developed by Maxthon team. Mx6 also has an open API to enable other developers to integrate their code. At Maxthon, we want to design the application of the future. Starting from 2003, Maxthon has been in the frontline of web innovations, today, seeing a new web is hatching from bitcoin(blockchain), we want to invite all Maxthon users to join this extraordinary movement. We can discuss all related information in this thread. We can discuss bitcoin here as well, but to learn more about bitcoin and metanet, the best place is bitcoinsv.com Jeff
  11. Hi All Today I upgraded from the V 5 to Version (64-bits) 1114 what I notice and I miss, is the ''download'' button option to download an embedded video.This would normally pop-up in V5(top corner or bottom corner of the embedded video, depending where the mouse was) whenever a video was getting played(embedded) on the browser. This does not show up any more and now there's a 'popup' button that shows up ( pl. see the attached file). This does not have the same functionality. How can I get the original functionality back here ? Thanks in advance.
  12. How to disable the passkeeper? Thanks!
  13. I add boardgamegeek.com into quick acess but it can't generate screenshot correctly. Always broken image. It was ok before. My Maxthon version is
  14. I'm using portable version. I've tried clean them all and unzip a clean and new portable version but they are still broken. Can anyone know why?
  15. As title said, I want to delete a specific cookie. Can I do it?
  16. It appears there were numerous reports of uu.me not providing a bug-free login experience a while back. The topic was closed and archived with no resolution. Therefore, I am starting a new topic. Maxthon developers removed the direct link to UUMail from the New Tab Page in MX6 that existed in MX5. Now, when I go to uu.me in MX6 there is a hyperlink to "Log in with the current account." That would be great if it worked. It never works for me. Never. Absolutely nothing happens. Can this be fixed? For reference, here is the previous discussion where many users were reporting this bug.
  17. after start mx6, a random mouse gesture will block all gesture and left click on page/menus it take 5/10 gesture to crash a blank gesture appear at the bottom left corner, where usually the name of gesture is written: instead of:
  18. Hello . When drug shortcut from google search always open popup to search on google lens. ITS SO ANNOING . its for all pages with icon like on screenshot. and always open shortcut in new tab drug to google lens. tried disable in flags crome, but it dont disable google lens popup its in maxthon version 6 and 7 thank you
  19. Hello guys, today the browser asked me to update to the latest version and when I finished doing it and entering my account, I saw that passkeeper was completely empty. I tried to import the data from the MX5 server (or the cloud, I don't remember) but it didn't work. From a link in passkeeper I get to uu.me but the page appears in Chinese and Google translator says it can't translate it so I don't know what else to do, and I really need to recover my passwords.
  20. A long time ago, I made the following suggestion: "Is it possible or could you make it possible to transfer or install the extensions downloaded by the users, not default ones from the top to the sidebar (see the attached file)? This will make room for the address bar and users will have few extensions to hide." Till now, I am still waiting and asking myself why we have these two icons for a large space? I was hoping that developers will suggest maybe others icons or add something but nothing is coming. These two icons are in other places as if they are the main functions. I do not want to hide this sidebar, but to make it more useful. If it is difficult to add extensions there, I propose removing it and put the two icons on the bar on the top and also remove the sidebar. Thank you Jus
  21. Firstly, I use Maxthon on office and home and there're 4 pcs, two win10 at office and one win7 and one win10 at home. This problem occrus on win10 of my home pc.one of my computer at home. I've also delete previous maxthon and install(portable verison) a new one. The problem still occur again. This is the symptom: If I open a page tab to connect to a website and doesn't use that page tab for a while, when I click back that page tab, it will reload the contents. This happens no matter what site I connect to. Curiously, This only happens my win10 home pc. This pc's spec are as attached.
  22. I've been stubbornly clinging to Maxthon 5 for quite a while, in part because my favorites are sorted differently in Maxthon 6 than in 5. It looks like Maxthon 6 might be sorting entries from newest to oldest, while Maxthon 5 has them oldest to newest, except where I have manually moved items around. Is it possible to make Maxthon 6 follow my existing favorites order instead of re-sorting?
  23. Can the background color of the selected page be changed? You can watch this dark mode, do you know which one is selected? In the normal mode, the selected page can easy viewed. but in dark mode, it's hard to find which page is selected.
  24. I am constantly getting the "New version found" popup window from Maxthon which I can't figure out how to stop (using Windows 7 64-bit). I believe it is from Maxthon 5 which is currently installed on my PC, although I only have it for compatibility purposes and not regular use. I use Maxthon 6 for which I have the portable version, placed in the d:\Programi\Internet\MaxthonPortable\ folder. The popup window process is: C:\Users\Perplexer\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Public\MxUp\MxUp.exe I close it on the "X" but it comes back several minutes later. I cannot figure out where is it launched/triggered from. I don't see anything in the Task Scheduler. I do see a service called "MxService" in the Services list which is likely also from Maxthon 5: Path to executable: "D:\Programi\Internet\Maxthon\Bin\Maxthon.exe" I have deleted it twice already, but it keeps coming back! C:\Windows\System32>sc delete MxService [SC] DeleteService SUCCESS I'm not sure if this service is related to the update popup but if it isn't, it's another thing I'd like to solve (how/why is it re-installing itself?). I'd be grateful for any tips on how to solve these two issue.
  25. Hi All recently this upgrade pop-up keeps popping up on my windows 10 I understand , this is the evolutionary path, BUTTT at present I do not want to upgrade at all. Reasons are there but I will keep this issue specific & short How or where can I 'say' that M. should not keep popping this box up on my windows 10 ?--(any M service, settings, ini file, assignment file , menu options(which I could not find) Right now, I have to manually hit the 'X' button each and every time to dissuade it. Thanks for any help here Good day to you all !