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  1. This Start Window with favorites is useless for me, because shortcuts all time move and change places. It's frustrating! Why it cant work like in MX3?
  2. I've been using Maxthon since MyIE, and I've always liked the fact that it was DIFFERENT - mostly that it wasn't IE or FF or Chrome. Today I look at version 6 and see that it is more and more like Chrome and I don't mean the engine but the interface - that awful, disgusting, simple, ugly chrome interface! Why? Where is all the good from MX4 and MX5 how this browser differed from others? Do the downloaded files really have to be written to the disk and appear as tiles at the bottom just like in Chrome? The download manager in MX5 had no flaws! It had an OPEN button that made running programs st
  3. I hope its private channel :)

    Its my post: 


    My TeavViewer ID is 1 506 291 375

    Password: 1234567890

    I have Team Viewer 6 Host (commercial)

  4. Hi all! Im from Poland. I used maxthon before some people here were born I like this program, but I have few critical problems and I need talk with another users, so I need possibility to write posts. Now I can only read.