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  1. no idea man, it also works for me on Edge and Chrome, but not on Maxthon.
  2. Hi @BugSir009 I wasn't using 3200 when I first reported it, but i just download it and still the same issue. Attach a video where you can see that I am clicking but it is ignoring me totally (you can see the adblocker is green). Then I go into edge and you can see how it works. As it looks to for you for some reason.
  3. I have found many different cases, on both buttons an menus... Some are complicated to show because they require you to login, etc. But take for example this one: on this link: https://www.habitaclia.com/comprar-vivienda-en-inca/provincia_mallorca-raiguer-area_3/vistamapa.htm when you hover the "h" symbol, a popup appears. If you click, it is supposed to open the link in a new tab. This is the behavior on both Chrome and Edge, however in Maxthon 6 nothing happens... (I checked it is not caused by the AdBlock)
  4. quite surprising, I thought MX5 was super deprecated . Interesting that they did a fix a year later...
  5. mxservice.log here you have, I just reproduced it 5 min ago when I was trying to update a link.... and I came in to see if you replied me.
  6. @BugSir006 oh yes, you are right! I didn't realize on the dates. Then seems that maxthon is not logging anything with this crash.... because I am having it almost every day. Attacching the log in case it can help somehow: 20210904.log
  7. + Added the download window pop-up option to Download setting Finally!!! I will try it up!!
  8. @BugSir009 in case you didn't see my previous post
  9. Attaching it. Most probably at least the last 5 craches contained in that file must be the same one on different versions of maxthon. reports.zip
  10. I have been suffering this crash for at least the last 3 versions of maxthon, hoping that you fix it at some point, but I am tired to see it so reporting it here hopefully you can fix it. Steps to reproduce: 1. Copy an URL. 2. Open Maxnote 3. Select EDIT on any note 4. Paste the URL. 5. Click save. Result: After 1-2 seconds maxthon completely crashes. attach video where you can see it happen (ignore the quicknote)
  11. Thanks, so far it worked for me (unless I lost the most updated bookmarks of my other computer now... which I haven't checked yet). Just a few comments: I found the backup in a different root than you stated, I think you forgot to mention "Application": C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data\Default\Backups Also, maybe add an step 8 to restart the browser, as that proved to be necessary to me
  12. @BugSir006 in the URL you have the ffollowing option: Which you could include into this guide (I think it is easier do achieve in 2 clicks rather than: 1On the top right, click the browser menu (Alt+F) > Settings > General > Default engine > Manage engines > Add search engine However at the moment I think it is broken because it redirects me to the Tabs submenu, instead of the edit search engines one.
  13. Hi there, would you like to add the BSV address to your personal profile? I will give you Vpoints. ?

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      Hi Arcan, did you try to reset the password?


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      lol it actually fixed the problem 

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  14. I tried several times but I don't manage. I sign up, I receive the mail with the code, I input it and then when it goes to the screen asking for my user and password it just doesn't work...
  15. for all the spanish community: https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/forum/74-foro-oficial-en-español/