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  1. Well, I guess that they had to choose Internal features vs External Features. I was very happy with MX5 and all its features , and I didn't need anything else. But I saw the community asking a number of times for support of Chrome extensions. So that's where Maxthon put the focus on. Now if you support an extension for translation it doesn't make sense to also develop an internal one. I agree with you , I liked more the internal translation tool MX5 had, but the Google Translator plugin is not that bad... and I understand they don't take the effort to do it again.
  2. why cannot you? The UI is not very intuitive there and at first I also thought I couldn't change it but at the end I managed.
  3. I like to see I am not the only Maxthon user who has the Real Academia Española in the search engine list
  4. what do you mean? It works, you can perfectly use it. I am still using it too.
  5. yep, I am one of those people. Is there any way to use Flash in MX6?
  6. +1 to this. Maxthon is now behaving like Chrome, but actually I always liked how MX5 was handling the last-visits better than Chrome.
  7. +1 to that, I would actually let only the Maxnote, since it is bookmarks+notes in one place. And the manager is actually more powerful and beautiful. See more here: +1