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  1. The quickest example: the video I posted of the previous page (of youtube stuttering on MX6) is not viewable on MX5, I only see a couple black rectangles instead. There are some other similar problems, mainly cause by the old Chromium base.
  2. I don't see any way to enable status bar in flags, where exactly should it be? The status bar, together with the lack of Download Manager (to allow me to "open" files instead of "saving" them), are the main reasons I'm still using MX5 (and have never gone to Chrome even when MX5 became so obviously obsolete).
  3. Here it is. 1624324178_4kvideoCostaRica-YouTube-Maxthon.mp4
  4. Any idea what could be preventing me from getting the same result? At first glance the main difference between MX6 and MX5 youtube playback is that in MX6 the codec used is VP9 (vp09), while in MX5 it's AVC (avc1). I know that VP9 should be better, and it allows resolutions over 1080p on youtube, but for some reason it does not work properly in MX6 (but works fine in Chrome). Another thing I noticed while looking at stats is that it doesn't seem to be a bandwidth problem, but a playback one (maybe hardware acceleration?). My system is Threadripper 1950x / RTX2070 with the latest driv
  5. I have problems with youtube playback on MX6: on a gigabit internet connection Auto video quality goes down to 720p or 480p. Same videos, same computer, same account and setting, but on MX5 work fine on 1080p or higher if available. Using MX at the moment, but notices the problem since a lower version (6.0.2 I think). Any ideas?