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  1. I have a new suggestion: when pressing Crtl+F, if a search windows is already present but not in focus, to focus on it and select the contents, as in old MX versions and Chrome (instead of closing it, as it happens now in MX6).
  2. Version prevents access to many websites, saying they are not safe "The site ahead contains malware", although Chrome opens the sites with no warnings, and checking them online results in "Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing, McAfee, Sucuri Labs, ESET, PhishTank, Yandex, Opera" (for example I get the same error even when trying to access the WordPress admin page (on all websites I have, with no exception). Any idea why?
  3. I see this issue has been solved in the new version (, so I guess there's no need for a video anymore.
  4. It's not a specific image; any image that I right-click on and choose "Save image as" from the menu results in the same behavior (for example the image from the post above this one).
  5. Reverting to V6.1.2.3600 made Passkeeper forget all passwords; how can I recover them?
  6. "Save image as..." does not work in V6.1.3.400; it opens the link in new tab if the image has a link or does nothing if the image has no link. "Search image with Google images" has been replaced by "Search image with Google lens" which also does not work, just crashes the browser. Reverting to V6.1.2.3600.
  7. I have to disagree with that. As sometimes this is the only way to recover a session, which I always do, I really appreciate this option. I would have no problem to have it removable (from settings), or if it is replaced by something (better).
  8. You are right, it works if I use the default Google search engine. I normally customize it as soon as I set up a new browser (still keeping the name "Google") and it used to work with my customized search string, but now it seems to work only with the default search string (which can't be modified). Would it be possible to make it work with a custom string, as long as the search provider is still
  9. In version I had an option on right-click on an image to search it with Google images. In versions and it is missing. Can you bring it back? Before anyone jumps with an extension suggestion: the search that was embedded in Maxthon uploaded an image to Google images instead of just sending a link (as all the extensions I tested do), which makes it usable with images that are not publicly available (like when browsing password-protected websites).
  10. Today the data for the oldest 2 days is missing (reverting to 7 days of history), but the log files for today and yesterday are empty (0 bytes). I don't suppose they can be of any use like this?
  11. Since I updated to v., the history started to extend; now I have 8 days of history (over a period of 11 days total). Will keep checking to see if hits a limit again and will send you the log files when it happens.
  12. My history is also being deleted, keeping only the last 7 days (including the current day). Is there maybe an option that I am missing? I would prefer to keep the history for at least several months.
  13. I am missing suggestion for text fields; in previous versions when I wrote something in a text field it would always show me suggestions from what I wrote in the same text field on the same webpage in the past; now I don't have any suggestions at all.
  14. Now MX6 is totally usable for me, and I appreciate very much that our suggestions are implemented so quickly; it's very pleasant to feel this kind of responsiveness from the developer. There is one other thing that I am missing from MX5: when typing a search query in the address bar, in MX5 you get suggestions based on your personal history and most popular search queries (I think), while in MX6 only from personal history. Can we get the most popular search queries suggestions in MX6?