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  1. It happened again after the last update; I disabled all extensions (including default ones like resource sniffer), and the error was still there, so it doesn't seem to be related to any extension.
  2. Will do so the next time I encounter the error and let you know.
  3. No, no proxy of VPN extensions installed. The only new extensions that I installed lately are FakeSpot and ReviewMeta.
  4. Also, I get many errors like this lately (starting with version I get them on websites that I never got them on before. This page isn’t working www.example.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  5. Just realized there's another bug: when downloading a file and modifying the destination folder name manually, if the folder does not exist the file is sent to the default "Download" folder instead of creating the desired folder, as it does in MX5.
  6. Use CTRL+click to open in new background tab. Saving or downloading is basically the same thing; it's true that in MX5 images saved this way did not appear in the download list, but that's the only difference.
  7. I am still missing the status bar with IP and CPU and network usage indicators. Also, while the new download manager does offer the "Open" option, it still saves the file in the selected location instead of a temporary folder, which is undesired; I want files that I open directly (like for example installers or archives) to be saved to a temp folder that gets cleaned, not to clog up space on my storage drives.
  8. Yes, I know about this, but this is the standard cookie management that all browsers have. This new feature in Vivaldi is supposed to get you rid of pop-ups and notifications related to GDPR permissions.
  9. Also, something similar to Vivaldi's "Cookie Crumbler" would be very useful, something to set all those annoying GDPR permissions to a certain level and have no more pop-ups and pop-overs asking permission to plant tons of cookies on your device.
  10. Chrome has a nice feature called "Allow quieter notification prompts"; could it be implemented in MX6 too? Or can we get access to Chrome engine settings? Right now chrome://settings/content/notifications opens mx://settings instead.
  11. I have another suggestion: when the mouse is over the recent list (r-click on Restore button) to see the url of the page that the mouse is over in the lower left corner, just like for favorites. In MX5 we get a pop-up box with the url (so this could be an option too, but I think in the lower left corner, just as will all links, would be better), but in MX6 we can't see it at all.
  12. The issue seems to have been fixed in
  13. This works as you describe, but does not open a completely new tab ("+" button or ctrl+t) all the way to the right of all tabs, as it worked in MX5 and below (and also works in Chrome, Edge, etc.). Also, in this way the re-opened tabs are in reversed order.
  14. I have not been able to find a combination in which the new tab opens to the right of all tabs and a drag text or link tab opens to the right of current tab. They all open according to the "Create new tab" setting, and the checkboxes only influence whether the corresponding new tab is activated or opened in the background.
  15. It's true, but I want my new tabs to be next to the current tab, so this is not a good option for people that have the same preference. Actually, since we are talking about this, I would like the option as it used to be in older MX versions, and also in most other browsers: completely new tabs (like from pressing the "New Tab" button) to be all the way to the right, but links opened in a new tab (either by r-click - "open link in new tab", ctrl+click, shift+click and drag&drop) to open next to the current tab. This is the most intuitive way in my view.