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  1. Hey guy, v4.9.4.200beta has been released, which you can try with following download link: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes/ v4.9.4.100 is only test version, and it's release version is, which has fixed Twitter video problem perfectly. Happy browsing!
  2. Received now. Thank you for your patience. I'll forward it to the dev team to identify the cause. Btw, if you reply directly in the window at bottom, it will not give notification to me, but if you reply by clicking "Quote" in my thread, I will get a notification if you reply my thread
  3. Hi Shlomo, I replied you in your previous post, but I'm glad that you have solved this problem by yourself However I experienced a different problem with you, as I described in that thread. Both video and audio play well with my retro-mode, but neither these two could be played in ultra-mode...
  4. Now I have known about that. Don't worry because your data isn't missing. We met this kind of problem before. Please do not move or delete any user data folders. I'll ask our dev colleague and reply you with the recover method shortly. Stay tuned
  5. Hi Kinnyr901, Sorry for the inconvenience. Have you tried clearing the cache? Secondly, could you let us know the link which you visit when you encounter this problem? It will help us test and identify the cause. Of couse, if the problem didn't happen for only one page, please also give a feedback. Besides, it will be highly helpful if you could send the crash report via following link C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\MaxthonCrashData Sometimes this folder may be hidden by default, so you may change the setting to get it. Hope to hear more from you soon.
  6. Speed dial page is lost only for or for all MX4 versions?
  7. I google this message and get many many results...Have your tried that before?
  8. I test from my side, and there was also one Web notification appeared. I have reported that to our product team and will wait for their reply. (Btw, which version do you use now? or 2000? Besides, since 4.4 is with an old core for this old version, and now developers are busy with new version of MX4.9 and 5.0, so in order not delaying your work, we recommend you to download MX5 or MX4.9.3.1000, with which I didn't encounter this problem.
  9. Most Antivirus softwares from China are of free
  10. Sorry for late reply because I have never used PortableApps.com and I thought maybe others who once used may reply this question as a more authoritative answer... As I know, I think this question should be answered by PortableApps because actually they should update the version of Maxthon browser or at least have two version options. v4.4 and v4.9(and v5.0, too) have totally different frame so I think that's why it couldn't be simply replaced. If you want to use the portable version of, there are two solutions: 1, Save the portable version folder, and click application file to lauch your portable v4.9.3.1000(without installing); 2, We can try contacting PortableApps.com, and request an update for Maxthon browser. Hope that could solve your problem
  11. 7twenty once helped solve a similar problem in following thread: But it's for v4.4.6.2000 which has pre-search function, while yours not. I know some VPN could cause this problem like Hola VPN, but have no idea about yours. Do you mean this problem only encounter when you use this VPN with Maxthon browser? how often? Besides, please scan your computer with your anti-virus software at first.
  12. Hope it could be before Oct. because currently we still don't know how many bugs the test version has. (Just coming back from a short holiday
  13. I bring a sad news to you...Have asked our technical engineer and was told there was no backup files for history, so the destroyed history could not be back, especially when in your case, this destroy is caused by third party software's crashing. So the only suggestion is that you can save your favourite pages as bookmarks first, and then you will never face such problem.
  14. I'm so happy to tell you that this bug has been fixed in updated version for MX4. The changlog for this version mentioned that. V4.9.4.100 has been under final test and will be released soon! I test this link on v4.9.3.1000 and was told "This browser does not support video playback", but it went smoothly in v4.9.4.100. So stay tuned!
  15. Hi BGFun, It seems that the original post is long days ago. I test the video link in related thread and there's no problem for my, win7. Could you give some links for those problem video on Twitter or other website? I will test on win10, too and will revert to the product manager if the problem remains.
  16. Which version do you use for 4.4.8? 600, 1000, or 2000? I test with MX5 and there's no problem for that. Why not update your browser?
  17. Sorry for not helping... Tomorrow I'll try bringing it to our product team to see whether there could be some solution. As I remember, last week we have a staff who met computer frozen and lost all his Infobox information even after he restart the computer, but luckliy our someone helped him get back that after one hour. But his is of MX5...Anyway, I'll ask tomorrow.
  18. As we mentioned in the sub-forum description, we have many good partners who helped us do translation and proofreading works for Maxthon browser. Here we give a short list to show our sincere gratefulness. Thanks to jvdeportugal, Venkatesh, VoltERRa, Ldfa, Roxana, Ices_Eyes, Aftabuzzaman Ullah, Ivo Miguel Barroso, Whiteshark, Vadim, Carmen Nielsen, Konieckropka, Gela Mekoshkishvili, Kasimir Freiberg, caldii, Burak Yavuz, tomdevastor, Bruno Rocha, Nguyen Duy Trung, 7twenty, Sid Lo, attila.varhegyi.3, Vladimir K, zajez, Shucka, henriqueaac, bogdan nicolae, lijunjie, muntealb, picimako, jiapwan0622, thanhtai2009, BN_01, odyssee, 6c6c6, furkanavshar, Wisely Shih, muradvardzelyan, Arturas Valneris, zffman, Rajat Sharma, BernieMX, LuCash, HoNooD, shali1995, Jomic, pika10singh, Ernest44, Gagiu Florin, zork, nicotine, telspan, dima.dm.9, Nikita, iVideo Downloader, Thomas, pycckoe, Monica Moura, 1tucatkupac, xesusmosquera, elgalepin, makocamakica, Rancher, Carlos Gomes, Wilser, ThE OmY, sarunasnet, GwazanAlre, Eduardo Addad de Oliveira, 10ours, Markyhennon, Michel Cognon, Angelo Timmoneri, exeupx, AlexandreAndrejow, parles, rchk, ricouz, Zykloned, balonmi1, daisuke osada, Magd Almuntaser, Roman Shishkin, hassanfarsi73, Kardelia Derin, michael.shalom.3, Xabier Aramendi, Cryssy Missy, ALeXkRU, Koncz_Laszlo, guskovoleg, R3gi, marius.baesu, rajan.subramanian.372, abdullah al-jaser, Zlosin, 469377116, mujaheed, Michal Jaskiewicz, ermoha90...Without you guys, we could never have made it this far. Above is only the UID or nickname for our translator and proofreader on Crowdin, but if your name is missed by occasion, please feel free to tell me at any time. We will feel glad to correct that. We totally agree that every effort should be memorized! Hope to see your name on this list soon.
  19. Hi there, maybe this thread will be helpful for you? http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/bug-tracker/general-support/restoring-history-database-help-needed-r127/#comment-378
  20. Dear Maxer, We appreciate your excellent suggestion and feedback to Maxthon these years, and now we think you could also shape Maxthon products by helping Maxthon speak your languages! Maxthon is a product widely used all over the world, and now we sincerely invite you to be our official translator! What’s the requirement for Maxthon translators: - Native level of understanding for target language - Solid understanding the English language (source language) - Reliable, responsible and resourceful What will you gain as a Maxthon translator? - Your name will be mentioned publicly in our official website as honorable partner of Maxthon. - You have authorship for your language version and your name will also be shown when this language version is chose. - You will meet many like-minded friends, or other fans of Maxthon from same country with you. - Being a part of the language developer team can be a very rewarding experience. - The translation work you do will help not only yourself, but also all users who speak same language with you. How to become a Maxthon translator? - Visit and sign up on our translation platform Crowdin (https://crowdin.com/); - PM me your name, E-mail, country and language which you are willing to translate, and then I will send you our translation project invitation link on Crowdin within three week days. Have you been ready to be a Maxthon translator? For any question, please feel free to contact me.
  21. You can download the latest version of MX5 beta via this link: http://www.maxthon.com/beta/
  22. That's why I attach my snapshot, just in case of any misunderstanding... But I don't know why I don't have such a thick scrollbar, no matter which browser.
  23. No problem from my side. See the attached snapshot.
  24. You can see language options on bottom of Magdalene's mentioned page, and then you will get English http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=1711&category_id= It is an extention which may could solve the No.4 question. Could you give more description of this "Fit to Width" function? GIF picture or short video...because honestly I couldn't understand your point clearly... Regarding to 2&3, it's a pity that we don't have options now, but I transferred your suggestion to our product manager just now, and was told these functions could be considered if it was widely required. Given you have explained your reason for no-image website, could you be more patient to tell the scene you need to disable Javascript? which will be highly appreciated!