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  1. Oh I'm sorry for not seeing this... Yes, I have cleared my cache, and My cookies as well.
  2. Okay The first crash info.txtinfo.txtinfo.txt crash.txt Crashed.txt Crash File.txt I'm not sure of the site that I was at when Maxthon Just disconnected on me. But the txt files that I sent you should help. At least I'm hoping and thank you so much for your time! Steven
  3. Hi, I'm using Maxthon v after searching websites for a while just basic surfing. Maxthon Just suddenly closes all by it'self and I have to restart and then go to the saved websites and pick up wheree I left off. But no other browsers are doing this Just Maxthon. I have windows 10 and I'm hard wired on my internet connection with my netgear router I have wireless completley turned off and I have opt out after the SSID. I'm not running a home network or anything I'm not sharing my connection with anyone. Is there any tweak or anything that Might prevent this from happening
  4. If I turn off the vpn then I get this message 403. That’s an error. Your client does not have permission to get URL/sorry/IndexRedirect?continue=http://www.google.com/search%3Fclient%3Daff-maxthon-newtab%26channel%3Dt5%26q%3DHow%2Bto%2Bincrease%2Bdownload%2Bspeed&q=CGMSBGu1RsgYuKyDvwUiGQDxp4NL8eGaCqYotbUtfheauAc9EXY4Fqsfrom this server. That’s all we know. Please help this is so annoying. At this point I'm willing to pay a (Small fee) To have this fixed)
  5. Do you know of a good (Free) Antivirus and Firewall built in?
  6. Hi, I'm on version I have an issue when I go to website sometimes using google search engine I get this message To continue, please type the characters below: It's asking me to prove my Identity and it continues to happen but it only happens with the maxthon webrowser. and it happens even if I change My default Search engine from google to Yahoo Etc. However I do use a third party vpn software called Hide My Ass. That's the name Lol. And if I disconnect from the software I believe that the problem is gone. However even if I have the vpn running and I'm connected to
  7. Nope you tube does not play in retro mode with Maxthon So I'm not sure what to do I'm at a loss unless I can find a way to fix this or get html5 to work with all 4 of my desktop speakers. If I go to ultra mode you tube videos will play with html5 but not with flash unless I download the file extension that turns off html5 and that would be Okay I guess except that I want to hear the videos like I said out of all 4 of my desktop speakers and I can't except with retro mode Unless there is a codec or a plugin or a exstention something
  8. I'm wondering if maybe you could help me Maybe there is a codec or a plugin that will allow us since you are having the same issue that will allow me to do this. Cause I can run the videos with flash as long as I have the file exstention installed to disable html 5 but only when maxthon is in Ultra mode the mode with the yellow Lightning bolt for the icon on top. It's only in retro mode that I cannot. And I like retro mode because I think it is faster for you tube videos and it allows me to play the videos and hear them out of all 4 of my desktop speakers instead of 2 meaning quadraphonic 4.1
  9. Can somebody please help me. Excuse the long email but I like to be as spefic as possible. I have windows 10 home latest version build and all that. I have Maxthon beta when I install Maxthon and I clcik on you tube then I go into the settings and I click on retro mode it will run the you tube in retro mode with the adobe flash player 22 ppapi and I also have 22 npapi I also have pepperflashplayer renamed to .org and thewn pepperflash.exe. In the plugins section of the maxthon folder.when I go to click on a youtube video however I cannot play them with the flash player.
  10. I have the same problem I'm able to connect to the dashboard but when I click on maxthon online favorites box it won't connect to them it just says connecting and that's it. I'm running the latest Maxthon thanks Kinnyr901